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GunSlinger Spawn #22

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

When the Gunslinger arrived in the present day, he was attacked by a demonic being. He thought that creature was destroyed. He’s about to find out how wrong he was.

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29 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Crusaders

    Comics based on side characters in universes dominated by iconic characters sometimes get the short end of the stick. Fortunately for Gunslinger Spawn, he gets plenty of TLC from some of the industry’s most talented creatives. Excellent writing (including a shock ending) and top-notch art combine to make Gunslinger Spawn #22 an issue well worth checking out. Once again proving that it’s dark and hell is hot, the issue moves the story arc forward in some interesting ways. What are Clown and Dakota’s true motives? And finally, how does OG Spawn play into all of this? Interested readers will have to stay tuned.

  • 75

    Comical Opinions

    GUNSLINGER SPAWN #22 is all about the action as GunSlinger Spawn fights Clown while Dakota’s T-Rex fights Vindicator. Don’t look for deep character work or complex plot progression. This issue is all about the action, and it looks fantastic.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Although it is the case that the aggression of the 22nd issue of the series is kind of overwhelming, there clearly is a dramatic gravity that’s holding it all together. It’s just a bit lost in all of the action that’s scratched into the page. Somewhere under the weight of all that blood and aggression lies a hell of a lot of emotion that’s going to have to wait for issue #23 to really emerge.

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