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Guardians Of The Galaxy Annual #1

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Groot has been on a journey for the past year, and all the growth and loss and heartache have been for this moment. Can the Guardians confront their pasts to ensure their family has a future? Grootfall comes to its triumphant conclusion!

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25 pages
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 2024 brings the latest Guardians run to a spectacular, emotional close. In their closing letter, Lanzing and Kelly reflect on the road they’ve taken and how, like the Guardians, they’ve come out of it changed. It’s those kinds of statements that let you know you’re reading a good comic; if the creators pour their heart into it, chances are it’ll stick with you long after you close the page. I know that I’ll be looking up at the stars, wondering where the Guardians’ next adventure will take them.

  • 80

    Even at its most rushed or understated, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 is still a magnificent culmination of the team’s latest tale. Kelly and Lanzing’s script delivers a tender, but chaotic battle that changes the team’s standing in some major ways, while still remaining a well-earned and (largely) well-executed celebration. Walker’s art helps the team’s aesthetic flourish to wacky, but still recognizable heights, perfectly complimented by Hollingsworth’s colors and Petit’s lettering. While there’s no telling what is next for the Guardians after today, this finale further proves why the team has become one of the crown jewels in Marvel’s ever-evolving narrative.

  • 80

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