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Guardians Of The Galaxy #10

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The flowering of Grootspace is almost upon us, but Empress Victoria and the Spartax Armada have arrived to stop it. Can Star-Lord make peace with his people? Or will Groot’s second chance die on the vine?

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22 pages
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  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    As someone who was first introduced to The Guardians of the Galaxy via the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I thought this comic nailed the characters I fell in love almost 10 years ago (I did the math twice, it checks out). However, they all had a twist to them, making this comic stand out from their now infamous movie counterparts, while still being recognizable.

    Meanwhile, the story is innovative with twists and turns, action, and constant giggles. I can’t wait to see how this tragic turned zen story closes out in the next issue. I highly recommend any Marvel fan to add this one to their pull list. Also, while you’re at the comic book shop, make sure to grab anything else that has Kelly & Lanzing on the cover. You won’t be disappointed.

  • 90

    The penultimate issue of this Guardians of the Galaxy run illuminates the series’ biggest tragedy – that it isn’t continuing for countless more issues. The final defense of Grootspace makes way for some truly beautiful and sweet character moments, further proving the great grasp that Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing have on these characters. Kev Walker’s art continues the cozy, but otherwordly majesty of the book’s aesthetic, especially as the battle grows bigger. I’m heartbroken that this Guardians story is nearly at its end, but I know it will deliver one wallop of a finale.

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