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Guardians Of The Galaxy #17

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The Guardians are scattered to save five different planets – but it’s already too late for Chitauri Prime. Why those five? What are the true plans of the mysterious enemy targeting our universe? Only DOCTOR DOOM knows…but with the entire Chitauri species out for his blood, he might not survive to stop them!

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    Al Ewing brings us a satisfying issue here. I loved the debate between Starlord and Nova that took place during Doctor Doom’s strategy session. And I also loved the twist that comes on the last page of the issue in which Nova figures out that their problems are much, much worse than they predicted. The artwork throughout is great. Especially the depiction of the various planets being torn apart by the fighting.

    Overall. A really strong issue with solid dialogue and character development. The story moves on a fair bit and we even get a few nice references to other books in the Marvel universe.

  • 90

    When you think of an epic space opera, “The Last Annihilation” is going to be right up there. It shares the name of most cosmic events that have come before it, yet it manages to stand out for a number of reasons. It’s not a full-blown event by any stretch of the imagination, which means there’s a lot more to pack into fewer pages—and both Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri handle it exceptionally well. The plot combining cosmic and magic doesn’t happen all too often but when it works, it works exceptionally well, especially right here in Guardians of the Galaxy #17.

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    The War against Dormammu has taken a turn for the worst, claiming the lives of interstellar heroes like Captain Glory. Now, the Guardians have to make a desperate counter attack to stop the demon lord. If they can’t make it, then the entire universe will fall.

    Ewing continues to go all out in this event, and it’s just a blast. He blends together the magical laws of the Marvel universe with technobabble and intergalactic politics, and it’s just a hell of a lot of fun. The cast is somewhat unwieldy, but the characters he is using are being used extremely well. Plus, his Doom-and-Rocket interplay is an absolute delight.

    Frigeri continues to come into his own more and more with each issue. While his figure work does tend to lean a bit towards Marvel house style, he has a great dynamism on the page. Even in the issue’s early briefing, the characters are never static. He’s also great at character expressions, such as Doom constantly looking down his nose at everyone, or Gamora rolling her eyes at Rocket’s apparent sarcasm. He’s also great at showing the scope of the events unfolding, panning back to show the scale of starships, or setting the POV behind a character so you can see the space behind them. He’s learning more with each issue, and that’s exactly what the art needs.

    Blee’s colors are also continually improving. He makes locations feel otherworldly just by using different combinations of colors and palettes. Petit is able to make a very talky issue very clear to understand. Overall, it’s a great book.

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    “Last Annihilation” has all the trappings of a great Marvel event. This issue somehow juggles over 12 characters like nothing, and though the first half is a slow crawl to the plan, once the plan is underway it’s all-out action and fun. This issue is a key chapter as it sets up a turning point for the event you won’t want to miss.

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Guardians of the Galaxy #17 continues to advance the story of The Last Annihilation and shows what Dr. Doom brings to the team. It’s something only Doom could bring, but aside from Rich saying it’s a bad idea to have him there, that’s about it. No new, fun, or interesting character banter and dynamics between him and the others. The art and colors look great, and the comic provides answers behind the tactics of Dormammu’s invasion which inform the true stakes of the crossover event.

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