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Guardians Of The Galaxy #10

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THE GUARDIANS CLEANSED?! KNULL and his dragons are cleansing entire worlds of life. SPARTAX is their next target – and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY can’t save it alone. It’s a good day for the return of the legendary STAR-LORD… Meanwhile, as the team battle cosmic horror, something worse is waiting – as the clock ticks down to the Last Stand in… THREE…

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  • 98


    This is a brilliant issue, which features the long-awaited reunion between Starlord and the rest of the Guardians. I loved Rocket Racoon’s reaction the most. When he wonders if his friend has retained all his faculties. You can always count on Rocket to voice what is being unsaid by all of the other characters.

    Also done well. Is the introduction of Knull at the start of the book. The text that introduces him works brilliantly with the imagery that Cabal provides. I also loved the villainous monologue that Knull reels off when Starlord and Nova are coming at him.

    Overall. A fantastic issue with a brilliantly executed reintroduction of Starlord into the team.

  • 90


    The series was already pumping on all cylinders before, but it’s clear that Peter Quill’s return in a very different form will transform the series. It’s a thrilling set up for the next chapter for the Guardians from Al Ewing, Juann Cabal, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit. (…) The future of the Guardians is in flux and this issue sets up the promise of what that will be. I’m not quite sure where Ewing and Cabal are heading with the countdown but it sure looks like it’s going to be huge.

  • 90

    Al Ewing writes the absolute best tie-in issues in superhero comics today. Full stop. Guardians of the Galaxy #10 is ostensibly a tie-in to “King in Black.” However, Knull’s shenanigans are altered within the context of this issue to expand upon the series’ many expanding threads without requiring a change in direction or excessive explanation. Peter Quill’s recent return is clarified in battle with the symbiote god and the focus is placed on Quill and his rapidly evolving nature. Key elements from the jaw-dropping issue #9 return and deliver a sequence that transforms darkness into sunlight in a truly stunning fashion. Even readers who could care less about “King in Black”—myself included—can understand this issue’s antagonist with ease and see how his inclusion builds to something greater for the characters and events of this specific series. It is a seamless inclusion that also delivers a spacefaring battle that is a delight to take in without ever reading as apart from the series to date. It seems as if Guardians of the Galaxy can take do no wrong as even it’s tie-ins deliver excellent, self-contained storytelling from cover to cover.

  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    I kinda wish that we had gotten that adventure but I ‘ll take what we got from Ewing, cause there is a lot of stuff going on right now. All of a sudden he was given all this power and abilities. So, it would have been nice to to have a chance to mourn the Old Quill who worked well as a character who’s imperfections and insecurities are so down to Earth. Some readers may connect easier with someone with no powers that can still explore the cosmos, takes his lumps, and somehow always get back up.

  • 90

    Horror DNA

    After seeing what Peter can do in this issue, it seems it would be easy to pop by Earth and dispatch Knull, but Ewing has planned for that. There are other forces at place in the stars that require his and the Guardians’ attention. We’re not going on that detour as this story needs to go forward. This is a pitch perfect tie-in to a massive event that does justice to both storylines at once.

  • 85


    This issue won’t generate the buzz of last month’s Star-Lord extravaganza, but in its own quiet way, it serves as a reminder of how impressive even regular issues of this Guardians run have become. Next month’s issue promises a return to the events of Annihilation, the genesis of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team, and hopefully a reunion between Star Lord and Gamora. Like an album you can’t turn off, this book just has no skips.

  • 83

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    If you’re a VENOM fan looking for a KING IN BLACK story, this won’t do it for you. Knull is an oddly misrepresented White Walker who speaks in lyrical rhymes that appear to come from a poorly portrayed David Lynch movie. Nonetheless, if you came to this rodeo for a solid GOTG story centered around Star-Lord with its driving force to right the ship of his character, you will be pleased. Ewing is definitely on to something here and I think the series is on the cusp of doing something really special. It’s time to lock in on GOTG!

  • 60

    But Why Tho?

    Guardians Of The Galaxy #10 has some wonderful artwork and colorwork but because this issue appears to be the only tie-in to the King in Black event, the pace zooms by and Star-Lord’s reemergence feels too convenient.

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