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Guardians Of The Galaxy #3

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The Dark Guardians ascend! With a new Thanos rising, the galaxy calls for a group of heroes who will use any means necessary to end this threat. Unfortunately for Star-Lord, that’s NOT the Guardians of the Galaxy!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    The Super Powered Fancast

    This story is getting dark for all the characters involved. Peter’s descent and Eros’ lamentations are two sides of an interesting and engaging story that Donny Cates is skillfully crafting for the reader. Even without Gamora and Thanos in the story, their presence and potential threat are conveyed through the actions of the groups hunting them. Cates continues to make this series interesting and I really want to see who reaches Gamora first and what happens when they do.

    Geoff Shaw delivers some spectacular art in this issue and everything looks beautifully detailed.

  • 95

    Comics Bookcase

    This third chapter of our story blends the grandiosity from the debut issue with the character-driven storytelling of the second to elevate this run to absolute must-read status. One of the best books at Marvel this side of Immortal Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy is a must-read.

  • 93

    Sequential Planet

    Cates’ Guardians of the Galaxy are still a really fresh series, with only three issues in. But I can easily see it being one of the best Marvel books on the shelves. Right up there with Immortal Hulk and Venom.

  • 86

    Comic Watch

    I was a little down on last issue due to slowish pacing, so clearly Donny Cates heard me as this one has 3-4 conflicts within one issue, which does feel like a case of writing for the trade. The fights contained do contain enough awesome moments, the panel of Hela fighting Annihilus i used as the cover photo of the article is like something out of a Samurai movie, it just feels like the series has yet to settle into a groove or flow from one issue to the next.

    Flow aside this issue contained some huge moments and potential breadcrumbs for the inevitable Thanos identity reveal, Cates’ talent for the long game will likely be this book’s big draw once it gets going proper. I was entertained throughout and especially liked Annihilus donating Thanos’ head, for the children.

    The art by Geoff Shaw is stellar as always, I particularly liked the Dark Guardians fighting with Nova, who looked amazing. He really shines with a diverse cast to work with I feel.

    This series continues to entertain despite having some flow issues, worth your time.

  • 85


    Guardians of the Galaxy continues to keep up its momentum and boasts intriguing surprises and directions, offering up a delicious universe that Galactus would certainly be chomping at the bit to consume.

  • 80

    There are plenty of things that are brewing among the cosmos and the tension is especially palpable in Guardians of the Galaxy #3. Cates has a gift for balancing several story arcs within one title, and while this issue is busy at times, it never comes close to being convoluted or messy. Certainly a slower issue than books past, the team continues laying the groundwork for an explosive cosmic outing.

  • 60


    I dunno, it’s fine. Stuff happens. All the character work is generally entertaining. The comic is still really focused on Peter Quill being a real Debbie Downer. And Cosmic Ghost Rider gets all the best dialogue. We still haven’t been given any real reason to care beyond the general understanding that Thanos is probably bad, and that we should take both Thanos and Starfox at their word that this evil plan is actually going to happen. Honestly, it occurred to me while reading this issue that Thanos’ apparent plan to download his mind into a new host body isn’t even real. It’s probably going to be a fakeout. And if so, that’s fine. Then everybody can calm down and none of this need to have happened at all.

    At least Beta Ray Bill is still cool. And while Geoff Shaw can’t draw Peter Quill to save his life, he draws a great Beta Ray Bill.

    This is a well-written, acceptably drawn, perfectly competent comic book. There’s nothing particularly special about it. Unless you’re that one person in the world who couldn’t wait for Marvel to bring back Wraith from Annihilation: Conquest. And as someone who was there, and who read that Wraith mini-series when it came out, I can assure you such people probably don’t exist.

    I think my main problem with this comic is in how closely it clings to pre-established Marvel lore and character relationships. We still have yet to see Gamora do anything, yet she is the driving motivation for every single character in the comic, other than those playing around with Thanos’ head. She shows up in the last page cliffhanger, but we only see her from the back. And the revelation that she’s hunting down Rocket Raccoon lands with a dull thud, because as far as I knew, Rocket has only been “gone” for these three issues. Am I wrong? Has he been gone for a lot longer, and the idea of Gamora searching for Rocket is actually a really big deal? Because this comic does nothing to establish that fact, yet treats the idea like it’s this huge thing.

    It feels like Guardians of the Galaxy is more interested in either where it’s been or where it’s going to end up than it is in making where it is now enjoyable in its own right.

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