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Guardians Of The Galaxy #2

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Thanos is dead… Long live the NEW Thanos! But who will it be?! Will the new Guardians of the Galaxy find that person in time before the universe comes crashing down?

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Just two issues into this run, Donny Cates manages to develop Peter Quill arguably more than has ever been done before. Instead of the wise-ass slacker, Quill is developing into a complex character with bouts of PTSD in a post-Infinity Wars world. Though plenty of story arcs are running through this title, it’s balanced well, giving each arch it’s own chance to shine without being either overpowering or shallow.

  • 96

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Donny Cates is creating an amazing story with this series. Peter is becoming a more complex and interesting character. I love the fact that he is introducing characters like Cosmic Ghost Rider into the mix and that everyone has their own motives for wanting to end the threat of Thanos. It’s a testament to both the writing and the character that the seemingly dead Titan still has an active presence throughout this series.

    Geoff Shaw’s art is great. There are some great panels with great art throughout.

  • 93

    Sequential Planet

    Guardians of the Galaxy #2 is not just a step up from the previous issue, it’s a step up for its namesake. Cates and Shaw demonstrate a level of craft that is almost unrivaled in superhero comics at the moment. Blending the absurdity of Cosmic Marvel and the genuine human emotion of an indie book, this creative team demonstrates exactly why a few years from now they’ll be the biggest names at Marvel.

  • 88

    Multiversity Comics

    “Guardians of the Galaxy” #2 is so thrilling, a few overwrought pages are more than worth the price of admission. It’s a true back to basics approach, not just superficially, but in deep tonal and thematic ways. By getting back to what made the fundamental dynamics of that 2006 book so appealing, Cates has created something fresh that celebrates the true spirit of the series.

    No series since has been truer to the Guardians of the Galaxy since the legendary 2008 run.

  • 85

    Comics Bookcase

    A quieter step-back issue that invests in character moments and funny exchanges while still pushing the grandiose plot from Guardians of the Galaxy #1 forward. There’s clearly a huge scale and big plan at work here, and I’m excited to follow it through to its ending.

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    Geoff Shaw is just killing it on this series currently, with the fight between Cosmic Ghost Rider and Groot being a real highlight. I lived it when Moondragon smashes Frank against the wall, but again, why, other than “cuz comics” BS.

    I sure hope this series picks up this issue was disappointing. Fun moments abound but the plot is thin and convoluted at times.

    I’m really hoping this series picks up a bit, I really want to love it.

  • 75


    I liked this issue for how it builds up Star-Lord and makes him the leader he’s always meant to be. There are also conscious character moments that will be fun to explore as they develop. Cates and Shaw are always juggling a few threads well, keeping the chase for Thanos’s head in the thick of things.

  • 60

    Comics: The Gathering

    Guardians of the Galaxy #2 is a fine follow up, but I wouldn’t call it a must read. Die-hard cosmic fans will want to pick it up, but everyone else will be okay if they hold off for now. The character moments don’t pull you in like they should, and the art is fine when the colors aren’t being distracting. I’d maybe wait to read my review for next issue.

  • 60


    This comic is weird in that it doesn’t really build off the first issue at all, and instead seems to just repeat that first issue in a different direction. We don’t get any real development of the new Guardians lineup as a team, other than Ghost Rider and Groot fighting, and then Ghost Rider taking off immediately. He then goes and rejoins Starfox, who is simply holding a second council of cosmic characters to continue the mission he laid out in the first issue. Based on this issue, nothing has really changed or developed. There’s no real teamwork with the new Guardians lineup, because Peter Quill spends the issue drunk and just mildly polite to all the people on his ship. He outright tells both Beta Ray Bill and Cosmic Ghost Rider that they’re free to leave. The threat of a Nova Corps investigation has passed, so what’s keeping this team together at all? Nothing shown in this issue, that’s for sure.

    For that matter, I wish Cates would actually use Gamora in this comic instead of just having everybody talk about her and past events. She’s clearly important to the story and to everyone’s motivations, and I don’t understand why she’s not being used. I didn’t read Infinity Wars or Infinity Warps or whatever garbage Big Event proceeded this. From everything I’ve gleaned online, nobody liked it and it was terrible. So I have no clue what great events have transpired around Gamora, even though those great events are heavily influencing every single character in this comic and their actions.

    How about instead of a meaningless subplot where MCU Hela threatens MCU Collector in the exact same way MCU Collector keeps getting threatened in the movies, you actually give us a Garmoa subplot to help us understand what’s going on. Considering this was supposed to be a big relaunch with a big name, popular creator coming on board, I would expect a little help. I can piece together a little of what’s happened, like I guess Gamora “killed” Star-Lord recently…but he’s still alive. So maybe help us understand why this matters?

    Also, there’s an Kitty Pryde cameo as Quill pours his heart out to her, even though there’s an editorial note about how this story takes place before Kitty’s life is thrown upside down in Uncanny X-Men. So clearly Kitty isn’t going to be an ongoing character. Why have Peter pour out his heart to a one-off cameo character when he’s got an entire new team of supporting characters he could be bonding with?

    The art also isn’t very good. It’s sketchy and awkward and I don’t like it.

    But Cates’ writing is fine. The issue flows nicely, the characters are all pretty cool and the growing conflict between the Guardians and the Dark Guardians should be fun.

    Cates at least has a solid handle on the overall story and the individual characters, but too many odd choices in terms of how he uses those characters and what he expects the reader to already know hold the issue back.

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