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Groot #4 (of 4)

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It’s the final battle between Mar-Vell and Agz, and it’s not looking too good for the Kree hero. Will Groot finally accept his destiny and step up to be the hero he’s meant to be?

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    As quickly as it arrived, the latest Groot mini-series wraps in as neatly as it can. Though it’s really a Groot story in name only, this series allows Abnett to return to the House of Ideas and flex his cosmic muscle. The end result is a dynamite “vintage” tale that pays incredible homage to the space stories of the Silver Age. Though this finale is a bit rushed to get everything in in time, it’s still comic book goodness to the max.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Abnett is a remarkably versatile writer. He’s doing some staggeringly intricate work for 2,000 A.D. in his “Azimuth” series. His work on Wild’s End is hauntingly still. And with Groot, he’s managed a very contemporary-feeling sort of a vintage space ranger-type story. There’s a definite momentum in a traditional tale of early Mar-Vel that could gain a whole new series if Groot does as well as it should.

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