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Groot #3 (of 4)

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Mar-Vell and Yondar have been captured by the monstrous Agz! But there’s more to this deadly creature than Groot and his friends realize. Who is he? And why has he razed Groot’s homeworld? Find out here!

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    But Why Tho?

    Groot #3 features excellent storytelling from all of the creators. Every person involved in making the comic had a crucial, irreplaceable part to play in controlling the tone and tempo of the book. It’s so energetic and refreshing, largely due to how much of a classic cosmic adventure it feels like. Both Groot and Captain Marvel show acres of personality despite only one of them having understandable speech.

  • 100

    Few things in comics feel better than Dan Abnett taking the reins to a cosmic story, and telling it in a way only he can. Groot #3 cements Abnett’s status as one of the best writers to tell stories featuring characters from Marvel’s cosmic stable. Despite taking place across the stars at the furthest reaches of the universe, Abnett still manages to make his alien characters as human as can be – even if they’re only able to say three words.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Though he’s clearly the center and soul of the issue, the title character serves as more of a sidekick to the guest stars, which tends to be the case with characters that don’t speak clear English. It’s difficult to maintain a central focus on the title character if they’re not going to allow a deeper perspective on his own articulated thoughts and emotions, but it’s just really nice to see him hanging out with an old hero from the Silver Age in a story set some time ago on a distant planet.

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