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Groo: In the Wild #4 (of 4)

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Groo the Wanderer tries to figure out the dumb way human beings attempt to co-exist with animals on this planet and how to make things better.

One thing is probable, though… He’s going to make things worse!

And if Rufferto can’t save the main story, at least we have his solo back cover strip!

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  • 90

    Groo in the Wild ends on a high note as King Putrio tries one more scheme, an old rival (or victim?) reappears, and Groo makes a fateful decision regarding endangered species in the wilderness. While Groo does not identify with any cause or ideology, as the disappearing animals and townsfolk wherever he goes attests to, he possesses an innocence that makes each step of his journey a delight. The final debacles in this particular miniseries feature no great battles, but there’s still plenty of mayhem stemming from Groo’s foolishness. The jokes about Groo made in his absence tend to be as funny as those found in his actions; the introduction of some massive fishing vessel provides both a great new setting for an Aragonés spread and hilarious callbacks. The last few pages of this issue and the “Rufferto” backup provide a well-earned dash of sincerity that aligns readers and Groo in valuing the natural world that inspired this outstanding miniseries. Bravo.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    With another series in our future to be revealed, Groo in the Wild draws to a close and it was a much-needed series. The last run of multiple four-issue series that dealt with a larger storyline just became too much too quickly for me and it wasn’t all that enjoyable the more it went along. This storyline went in a much simpler route and it delivered very well in getting back to some of the basics of Groo and the kinds of shenanigans he gets into. There are some good big pages – the two-page piece with the ships here is great – but it’s operating in a smaller way in general but still looks fantastic. Aragones’ artwork is always a delight with all of its detail and fun and this storyline was no exception.

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