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Green Lantern: War Journal #5

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THE HUNT BEGINS! Suited up with new armor and his newly forged, experimental Green Lantern ring, John Stewart leads his allies Shepherd and Prophet Rayner into the rain forest on a race against time to stop the Radiant Dead’s invasion of Earth! Can John destroy the Darkstar ring and save Earth…before succumbing to the deadly infection himself? The Revenant Queen’s mysterious bond with John Stewart is revealed in this pivotal issue!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    John’s journey here has been fascinating, and it’s great to see this popular Lantern finally get a solo spotlight for the first time since his ’90s series.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Johnson delivers some fantastic action and thrills throughout the issue. The story is dark, compelling and engaging throughout. There are some great moments of suspense as well as a darkly sweet moment between John and his mother. I really love the direction of this series and how personal it feels for the character.

    The Art: Montos’ art is as visually compelling as the story. The characters and world they inhabit looks amazing and allows for some dark imagery throughout.

  • 80

    Green Lantern: War Journal might not be the best Green Lantern story ever, but it feels like it has the makings of the best John Stewart story. Johnson and Montos really shine when they focus on Stewart’s more human moments, specifically those when he is dealing with his elderly mother. War Journal does a fantastic job of not only pulling on readers’ heart strings, but also showing what makes John unique amongst the Green Lantern Corps. I’m always a sucker for finding new ways to make old super powers work, and John is able to do so in such a way here that it puts into question just how powerful a Green Lantern can truly be. Ultimately, I do wish the storyline from the Revenant Queen was a bit stronger, but the series’ heart remains as strong as a Green Lantern battery here.

  • 80

    The Blog of Oa

    Green Lantern: War Journal #4 is a good issue, with a bit of a stumble in the art department. John Stewart faces a threat from within and emerges triumphant, ready to go on the offensive against the threat of the Revenant Queen and her minions.

  • 77

    Comic Watch

    Green Lantern: War Journal #5 continues the first arc with some lumpy pacing that, for the most part, doesn’t take away from the building climax this issue has setup. With what seems to be an excellent finale on the horizon with so much left in store for the series down the line, Johnson’s writing continues to excel technically even the overall ‘fit for trade’ plotting could use some compression.

  • 70


    The fact that a lot of that stuff (again, outside of the family-centric moments) doesn’t have the same emotional oomph is upsetting but seemingly isn’t a permanent thing. Instead, I think as we get Stewart away from that family stuff and into the thick of this interstellar horror show, maybe some of that can actually inform Stewart’s trials. Because that heart has been more intriguing than all the space zombies in the known universe, and the reason why Stewart is having a true renaissance as of late. An issue with minor issues didn’t really hurt it, and I can’t wait to see even more of my new favorite Lantern.

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