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Green Lantern #8

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After the revelations of what happened on Korugar, Hal discovers the United Planets are consolidating power in the universe by nefarious means, but before he can stop them, representatives of the United Planets Corps have arrived to arrest Hal for unlawful use of emotional spectrum energy in a quarantined zone!

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    Jeremy Adams and this incredible creative team are consistently delivering striking Green Lantern stories that make this book a must read. I absolutely loved the art from the first arc of this title, but Nahuelpan and Fajardo Jr. are an artists/colorist dream-team. The incredible depth, character designs, and color palates allow this adventure to burst from every page.

    In addition to this thrilling capture in Hal Jordan’s ongoing adventures, we are also treated to a very special backup story featuring fan-favorite Kyle Rayner! It just happens to be Kyle’s 30th Anniversary, and the powers at DC have recruited his co-creator, Ron Marz to tell an impressive stand-alone story along with artist Dale Eaglesham, Colorist Alex Guimaraes, and Letterer Dave Sharpe. As Kyle finds himself at a cross-roads, he decides to have a conversation with the one person he misses the most: Alex. This wonderful bonus story and character piece is a perfect example of why Kyle should be the next Lantern to receive an ongoing series, and this creative team would be the perfect group to carry on his journey. Kyle’s adventures are teased to continue (along with some help from Sojourner), but I for one think that these tales can’t come soon enough.

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    The man and force of nature known as Hal Jordan has evolved quite a bit throughout DC’s newest Green Lantern series, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Green Lantern #8. Writer Jeremy Adams continues to showcase the charm and unflinching will that has always made Jordan so popular while also pulling at more self reflecting threads to reveal more of the very human man behind it all. Being able to contrast Jordan with characters like Razer is a dream scenario, and Adams doesn’t let that opportunity go to waste, putting Jordan’s worst tendencies on blast but allowing Jordan to acknowledge those flaws and move past them in the process. Having magic in the mix only makes things more chaotic, but the talented team of artist Amancay Nahuelpan and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. don’t let that opportunity slip by either, and the ensuing throwdown between Hal and the United Planets’ new Lanterns delivers across the board. Those new Lanterns, Xanadu’s teases of The Green, and what’s happening with the other Lantern Batteries are only a few of the big mysteries within the series, and all are compelling in their own way and as a part of a much larger cosmic story. That’s coupled brilliantly with the book’s second story from Ron Marz, Dale Eaglesham, Alex Guimaraes, and Dave Sharpe, which moves Kyle Rayner onto the stage. Marz encapsulates so much of what made his run with Kyle so unforgettable in just 8 pages, shifting between the grand scale of a samurai robot battle to a reflective conversation with an old friend that still actually finds a way to tie-in with the overarching story of the Corps. This was a one-two punch that completely delivered, and one that no Green Lantern fan, regardless of era, should miss.

  • 90

    The Blog of Oa

    Green Lantern #8 might have seemed like a bit of a filler issue, but nothing could be further from the truth. Jeremy Adams provides some more clues to the larger story being created without giving away too much and the action and narrative work is supported by some great character moments. Kyle Rayner fans will be really happy to see Ron Marz’s name in the credits as he provides a typically grounded story for his creation. Nine out of ten lanterns.

  • 90


    This issue seems to be a breather between story arcs, but Jeremy Adams doesn’t let Hal Jordan stay idle as he throws some curve balls that will be a strong setup for later. Things are bad for Odym. Carol has to make some decisions and potential answers about the ring from magic and what it is connected to, plus the United Planets are on the hunt. It is an exhilarating time for Green Lantern fans as some signs point toward big things within the Emotional Spectrum! Also, the 30th anniversary of Kyle Rayner brings back Ron Marz, but what other hints could that present?

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    It’s a fascinating issue that broadens the story in a big way and sets Hal off on a new adventure that will likely lead him right back to Oa for an epic showdown.

  • 90

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Adams continues to craft an entertaining and thrilling adventure for Hal in this issue. The mystery behind the United Planets and the expanding attacks on the emotional spectrum have kept me engaged. I really enjoyed the action in the story and the arc has been compelling for both the character and the lore of the Green Lantern corps.

    The Art: Nahuelpan delivers some brilliantly detailed and visually stunning art throughout the issue. The art is beautifully done and the colors by Fajardo Jr help the action leap off the page.

  • 80

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Green Lantern #8 is the issue we’ve been waiting for in Adams’s tenure on the series as the big questions surrounding a disruption in the emotional spectrum and the origins of Hal’s new ring start to come into focus. The mysteries are intriguing, now that we have a few clues to fill in the blanks, and the art looks great.

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    Major Spoilers

    Green Lantern #8 is a good-looking book that does a good job in getting the overarching plot, which has been stagnant the last couple of issues, moving forward. While not every interaction between Hal and Razer is great, for the most part, they’re decent and they manage to poke a little fun at Hal. Also, the backup story doesn’t feel tacked on and feels consequential to both the characters involved and the ongoing story.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    I was certainly expecting more from this week’s Green Lantern #8. Don’t get me wrong, this issue itself was still pretty exciting mixed with the usual crisp, bright illustrations and designs. And ultimately, this is what has driven this series to date. With this art team in the driver’s seat and Adams riding shotgun, Green Lantern has been right there on the level. However, we are eight issues in and I feel like we still haven’t gotten very far into this plot.

    This issue is a prime example of the normal setup and plot of each issue. We get a minor fight scene, outstanding art, and a small new plot thread that sets fans up for the same premise in the next issue. However, we just keep getting appetizer after appetizer. Where’s the main course? I hope we get answers soon as to what the United Planets are actually up to as well as how Hal is capable of harnessing raw willpower to make his own ring. But until then, readers will certainly enjoy the usual stellar art and guidance from Adams that normally drives this series. Nevertheless, I’m getting nervous that if we don’t get some answers, direction, and more explosive discoveries soon, people may jettison the series altogether.

  • 70

    DC Comics News

    Green Lantern #8 is a solid read that promises a large drama that will unfold in this series. There are a number of interesting moments in the issues and it really feels like something is beginning in both the stories.

  • 50


    The plot, which feels like a homage to classic Silver Surfer tales, but, like with the Surfer, the best adventures are always out in space isn’t anything special, although there is some good humor and the art by Amancay Nahuelpan is great to look at.

    The comic also offers a few panels at the always dysfunctional relationship between Hal and Carol and we get a cameo by Madame Xanadu along with a mystery suggesting something on Earth is somehow connected to the ring Hal forged in space… somehow. Oh, and the comic wastes several pages on a back-up story centered around the absolute worst Green Lantern of all-time.

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