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Green Lantern #5

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The Rage of Thaal Sinestro!

Sinestro has seized control of Ferris Air! As the rage builds to cataclysmic levels within Hal Jordan’s most vicious adversary, the power of the Red Lantern ring has turned Sinestro’s wrath into a planetwide fury! Hal’s only hope? To break United Planets law and lure the villain out into the final frontier…

Then, in “Rise of the Sinson: Part Two”, Sinson’s plan becomes clear: to claim his legacy, he must seek out his father… and face him in combat!

The march toward Sinister Sons continues in this epic prequel installment!

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Green Lantern #5 impressively captures so many of the elements that make Green Lantern so wonderfully unique, creating one of the best issues of the series so far. With the age old rivalry between Hal Jordan and Sinestro as the foundation, writer Jeremy Adams builds new elements around Hal and Sinestro that should continue to push them forward, both as characters and as difference makers within the superhero realm. Arist Xermanico, colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr., and letterer Dave Sharpe delver some top tier ring-slinging as well, with praise deserved for the creativity behind the constructs themselves and the scenarios in which they are used. Those sequences are beautiful to behold, and that last page sets up one hell of a showdown. Green Lantern #5 sets a high bar moving forward, and I couldn't recommend it more.
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Green Lantern #5 is a tremendous issue. The decision to ground both Green Lantern and his greatest enemy was genius, as it localized the storytelling. The sci-fi and the action are still intense, but they take place in the skies of Earth instead of a planet far far away. Each issue allows Hal to demonstrate why he is an incredible hero, facing a character that also illustrates why he is an incredible villain. One of the most famous rivalries in DC’s history is reignited and reforged, with the damage their battles caused being felt by people who are just spectators.
  • 100

    Lyles Movie Files

    Green Lantern is exactly the kind of spark that should be the norm for this Dawn of DC era. It’s standing out as one of the brightest lights in this new initiative and remains a lot of fun.
  • 100

    The Blog of Oa

    Green Lantern #5 is a perfect example of a creative team complementing each other and delivering a fantastic end product for the reader. The story is a rollercoaster ride filled with action, inspiring heroics and an uplifting message that resonates. Sinestro is back, but this time the games is going to be a little different, but we know that Hal will rise above once again. Jeremy Adams and Xermanico show us what’s so great about Green Lantern, delivering the strongest issue yet. Ten out of ten lanterns.
  • 100


    If you’ve been reading ComicsOnline, you know that I am a massive fan of Green Lantern. Green Lantern #5 is an absolute win and perfectly captures everything great about the character. Adams’ has displayed his keen understanding of Hal and his world in just a few short issues, and the latest release feels like the icing on the cake. I haven’t enjoyed a GL book this much since Geoff Johns completed his run, and I’m genuinely excited to read each new chapter as they become available. Xermánico keeps delivering insanely stunning pages, with numerous character moments leaping off the page. The shot of Hal racing to Las Vegas is absolutely my favorite page of this installment, but the final sequence leading to Hal’s direct confrontation is a close second. Fajardo’s colors are exemplary as well, with vivid tones that beautifully bring the world of Green Lantern world to life.
  • 95

    Geek Dad

    This series has been heavily inspired by Top Gun since the start of its run, bringing Hal back to its roots as a story of a high-flying space cowboy—but it’s never embraced its roots quite as much as with this issue.
  • 90


    Overall, Green Lantern #5 is a wonderful issue that plays with great characters, new and old, that inspires you not to back down.
  • 90

    DC Comics News

    Green Lantern #5 is a “how to” balance character, story and action. Not only does it focus on character, it get the character parts right. These characters feel like the characters they are supposed to be, and that’s not something that’s happening enough in comics today. Adams had a great run on The Flash and after escaping the distraction of Knight Terrors, it’s really coming together in Green Lantern, as well.
  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Adams does something incredibly interesting with this series and this issue as well. There is a great level of suspense throughout the issue and a sense of immediacy that kept me on the edge of my seat page after page. The action is fantastic and I love seeing Hal use his powers and skills in a way that makes me appreciate the character more. Everything culminates in a fantastic cliffhanger that makes me excited to see the next issue. The Art: Xermanico delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are stunning in their detail and perfectly capture the suspense, speed and action of the story.
  • 88

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Green Lantern #5 moves at Mach 10 and provides an extra piece to the puzzle while still leaving a few tidbits to be desired. Hal’s ring appears to be upgraded while Sinestro’s motive becomes a bit more clear. Altogether, Adams and his creative team deliver a solid story with just enough pizzazz to keep fans dialed in until the next issue.
  • 85

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Green Lantern #5 is a ring-slinging dream for Lantern enthusiasts. Jeremy Adams delivers past-paced Lantern action from beginning to end with a killer cliffhanger, and Xermánico's art is excellent.
  • 75

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