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Gotham Academy Annual #1

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When the Gotham Academy student body comes down with a mysterious disease, Pomeline and Colton disagree on the origin of the threat, causing a fissure in Detective Club! The team fractures to get to the bottom of the case…but who will solve it first? Will Maps be able to reunite her friends? Will they ever eat pizza together again?! Join the search for clues in the first ever Gotham Academy Annual, precursor to Gotham Academy: Second Semester!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Here's a solid, entertaining story, rich in Gotham lore of the past...and future! Instead of centering on Olive and Maps as usual, this issue focuses instead on the secondary cast of the book, and to good effect. Various artists contribute a wide range of styles to this issue, and the way the tale is structured allows for it. A great showing from the old Gotham Academy writing team that bodes well for the new issues coming in September!
  • 83

    Multiversity Comics

    At the end of this, the big takeaway you (and to be frank, the creative team) should have from this is that this series doesn’t have to rely on Olive (and, to a lesser extent, Maps). This book shows that these characters do have stories to be told. Colton and Pomeline have potential for incredibly important arcs here. Kyle and Tristan have been scoffed as just being eye candy, but we even get little tastes here of things going on under the surfaces that I really am hoping Cloonan, Fletcher and Karl Kerschl take advantage of. The first few solicits make it seem like the first couple issues of “Second Semester” will be Olive/Maps-focused and I really hope that doesn’t happen in the long-term. I am so on board and this issue was a great return to form, I just want to see more expansion and growth. A fun mystery showcases the potential of the Pizza Club members as individuals.
  • 83


    Four artists contributed work to this annual, which could be a negative to some readers. There are certainly some inconsistencies (such as Warren’s multiple hair colors) that hold this issue back a bit, but the good news is that each artist’s style meshes very well with the world of Gotham Academy. The even better news is that this annual is gloriously bonkers, so any artistic shortcomings are more than made up for by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher’s script. The Detective Club is split in two as a mysterious illness befalls the Academy, leading to competition between Pom and Colton to see whose theory is right. The end result is part Scooby-Doo, part Edgar Allan Poe, with a random crossover thrown in to boot. With Second Semester set to start in a few weeks, Gotham Academy remains one of the most fun books you’re apt to find.
  • 80

    DC Comics News

    This was a fun mystery with a complex storyline that came to a surprising, yet satisfying resolution. Gotham Academy continues to be an enjoyable title and an interesting diversion from DC’s typical superhero stories.
  • 80


    This is the last issue beforeSecond Semester takes over.There are just enough stories that have been planted to create intrigue for what comes next. Colton is due for a major story arc, with the threads,the last half a year or so, that have been planted. Pomeline needs her own dose of reality for just how cruel her behavior can be to others. Maps remains fun-loving. Kyle is still a background character who exists only to obsess about Olive. It's the desire to see these character continue to grow and expand, more than this story alone, that will bring fans back for the new number one issue.
  • 70

    Dark Knight News

  • 55
  • 50

    The Fandom Post

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