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Gotham Academy #8

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Classes are suspended for a funeral. So, is it really true that grieving students get all As?

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    Dark Knight News

    Aside from the writing and artwork, which are both fantastic, I really enjoyed the creative frame designs and page layouts. The slanted angles and fresh design of the overlapping overlays are all set up for emphasis and appeal and they work perfectly together for a truly exceptional presentation.

    With literally no fluff, each page builds on the next. I truly enjoyed this issue as much as any issue thus far and can hardly wait for next month.

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    If you haven’t caught up on Gotham Academy, issue #8 (like #7’s single issue story) is a perfect place to start while you’re waiting for that trade of #1-6 to arrive. This is a book made for all ages, certainly women and men, and most importantly, for anyone who loves a good mystery. Don’t let this one pass you by.

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    Graphic Policy

    While the tone of the series has changed a little bit with this issue, as well as the focus, it still maintains its same high standards that it has proven so far. The sub-plot with Tristan is distracting in a way, but then the idea here was not to bring back the series’ protagonist with a flash but rather with a slow burn. It is an effective way to pave the way for what will be Olive’s future, but as a good story should do, it is taking its time and not rushing in, and this issue is better for it.

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    The Fandom Post

    Though I certainly had no issue with the guest artist the last time around, there’s something reassuring about having Kerschl back to tell this next round of stories. There’s a wonderful moodiness that comes from this issue with the weather and tone set by the story and it plays out beautifully as Kyle’s getting more frantic about protecting his friend and warning her of danger while she’s closing herself off more and more. With some very good supporting character moments, a little more time with Langstrom in the lab and Tristan potentially being something far more than expected, it’s building a pretty solid story here. The visual presentation really is the big seller for me, but it’s working with the right kind of story and characters for it to be told with.

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    Multiversity Comics

    You’ll be happy to know that, despite the absolute lack of the Ultimate Power Team of Maps and Damian, this issue was still quite good. This issue begins tying some plot strings together with focus on a character that has been really background for the most part: Kyle Mizoguchi.

    Up until this point, Kyle has really been the role of the “understanding sorta-boyfriend” to further Olive’s story. It is a nice change to get inside his head; seeing his doubts, his protective side in regards to Maps, and his own adventures in the spooky side of the Academy. My big thing is: For as great as this look into his mind, there is still the feeling that it’s most in connection to Olive.

    It’s probably dawning on you: for as much as I love this book’s cast, Olive is my least favorite. And she was the full focus of the first, 6-part arc. Now, considering the end of this issue, it seems like we’re going that direction again.

    Karl Kerschl’s amazing cartoon work, alongside the coloring work of Serge Lapointe and Michele Assarasakon, made this issue a wonderful visual spectacle. It is a refreshing feeling to see young adults look like young adults rather than mid-20s models. One scene in particular that stuck out was one of the ending scenes (yes, aware I just went off on it in the previous paragraph). Kerschl, Lapointe and Assarasakon make a great use of subtle body language to help convey what Olive and Kyle are feeling, without dialogue.

    My feelings on how I wish the story was going aside, Cloonan, Fletcher and Kerschl continue to create one of the most unique and interesting books at DC.

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    DC Comics News

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    Weird Science DC Comics

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