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Gotham Academy #7

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Based on 10 critic ratings.

Special guest student Damian Wayne drops by the academy—and he is not pleased to meet his new classmates!

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    The story itself is nothing over the top but the cute and funny dialogue and Chen’s art makes Gotham Academy #7 super appealing for all ages. Go throw money at it cause it deserves it big time. I really think this type of stuff will be the way to go for DC’s survival, and it’s different so I can’t offer anything but highest marks because of it standing out. Gotham Academy is worth every penny.

  • 100


    Issue #7 is a reminder of how much fun both Gotham Academy and comics in general can be. If you have yet to venture into Gotham’s most prestigious prep school, now is as good a time as ever as the team begin their second arc. With strong storytelling and beautiful artwork, Gotham Academy is one of the best all ages titles available.

  • 100

    Nerds On The Rocks

    Gotham Academy remains one of the more charming books on the market. Always worth a read.

  • 90


    This is just straight up fun, and the juxtaposition of Maps and Damian together is comedy gold. Don’t be a sourpuss like Damian, buy this comic and have yourself a laugh.

  • 90

    Comics: The Gathering

    This is such an innocent story it kind of just steals your heart away without you realizing it. Due to magical circumstance Maps and Damian are stuck together by the hands (awe) and their friends (well, Maps’ friends) are kind of going loopy, so it’s up to Maps and Damian to solve the magical mystery! (All while holding hands— was it mentioned how kind of adorable that is). Luckily for Maps, Damian is surprisingly resourceful as he somehow manages to have just the right tool to help them out of a tight jam when they find themselves in one. You’d think Maps might be going a little ‘ga-ga’ for the littlest Wayne but she’s actually crazed for his gadgets. Can you blame the poor girl, I mean, Batarang. The opposing dynamic between Maps and Damian is an entertaining joy to witness. Maps is easily excitable over everything and fast to jump to conclusions, while Damian is straight faced the whole time and just wants to solve his problem seemingly efficiently. It’s a bit saddening that Damian won’t be staying around for longer, but for one issue it was perfect and fun.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

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    Dark Knight News

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