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Gotham Academy #17

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It’s the final chapter of “Yearbook”!

Maps and Olive now have the entire gang involved in putting together the perfect yearbook-but which story will come out on top?

With art and story by Eisner Award winners Faith Erin Hicks (ADVENTURES OF SUPERHERO GIRL), David Petersen (MOUSE GUARD), and Michael Dialynas (THE WOODS)!

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24 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Black Nerd Problems

    “Yearbook” continues with its series of short stories with great new writers taking their stab at our favorite Gotham campus. It’s a whole lot of reminiscing of untold adventures from the past year, a great means of adding depth to our favorite characters and bringing life to the campus itself.

  • 85


    Gotham Academy was born to be an anthology title. Sure, the series had been great before this, but never as consistently enjoyable as it has been with this arc. Brenden Fletcher and company have done such a great job establishing these characters over the last year and a half, that those characters now fit perfectly into these bite-sized chunks of joy and creativity. A ton of fun comes from seeing the Black Canary team of Fletcher and Annie Wu do a crossover story with Gotham Academy, but even more fun comes from seeing creators like David Petersen and Michael Dialynas illustrating the Gotham Academy in bold and interesting (and possibly off putting for some) new ways. This issue in particular, and the arc in general, is a blast. Plus, that Dialynas story featured Klarion the Witch Boy, so extra points for that.

  • 80


    While the opening acts of the Yearbook story arc seemed aimless to me, the last two books have really begun to pull things together. It’s starting to seem that the point behind all this was to highlight some of the real mysteries behind Gotham Academy. While it’s unfortunate that we had to sift through some of the more mundane tales in order to get to this point, it’s looking as if this arc might be shaping up to be more than just a collection of discombobulated randomness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go buy Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 from Amazon.

  • 80

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Some nice stories and some great artwork equals a really worthwhile comic book. The connecting thread of this clip show is a little thin, but it doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic for what is basically a light-hearted romp through the spooky side of Gotham City and the DCU. Frankly, if this was the format for Gotham Academy going forward, I’d probably be okay with it. But if it isn’t, then it’s still a good time, well worth checking out (from the beginning of this arc) if you’re curious about the students of Gotham City’s third-creepiest institute of learning.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    The Yearbook series concludes next month. Withseveral unknowns still left up in the air,I look forward to seeing how things are wrapped up. And who knows, we might even get a long overdue visit from the Caped Crusader.

  • 70

    The Fandom Post

  • 60

    Multiversity Comics

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