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Gotham Academy #16

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Based on 10 critic ratings.

It’s “Yearbook” part 3!

As Olive and the gang continue to help Maps with her yearbook project, they recall some of the crazier escapades from the past year!

Including stories from writer James Tynion IV (BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL, CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER) and artists Christian Wildgoose (VERTIGO CMYK) and Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants)!

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24 pages
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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    So, sit back, take in a yarn or two, revel in the gorgeousness of Niimura’s line or the cleverness of Tynion’s dialogue, and thank the stars we get to watch a new generation of characters — and creators — expand right before our eyes.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    In short, this comic is good and you need to go read it, because it’s sweet and funny and adventurous all at once, and you’re gonna want to know what’s going on when the big Lumberjanes crossover kicks in, right? Gotham Academy #16 is the kind of book that comics need more of, with well-defined characters, fun plotting, lovely art and my favorite Batman cameo in forever.

  • 88

    Black Nerd Problems

    Gotham Academy #16 was a completely Maps-focused issue, and one that fans have wanted since she was first introduced. She’s obviously stolen the show and become the de facto star of the series, and for good reason: she’s funny, smart, and simply lives for adventure. Any Maps-centric issue is bound to be a favorite, and the format for “Yearbook” lends itself to several of her adventures per issue. Who wouldn’t be a fan of that?

  • 86

    Comic Crusaders

    This will get cancelled before its ideal audience, young folk, can find it which is a shame as it’s pretty good.

  • 85

    Weird Science DC Comics

    A couple of cute stories,and also: Damien Wayne! Do you think he likes Maps? I mean, does he “like” likeMaps? Because I think Maps “like” likes him! Oooooh Maps has a boyyyyfrieeend!Ken Niimura does the second story in this book, and it is going to melt yourcold, unfeeling heart. If it doesn’t then you are probably clinically dead.Everyone did a good job for this issue, but Niimura really stole the show.

  • 83


  • 81

    Multiversity Comics

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

  • 75


  • 70

    Dark Knight News

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