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Gotham Academy #13

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A “Robin War” tie-in! With Robins fighting cops all over the city, the student body is starting to take sides. What happens when Olive and her friends find themselves on opposite sides of this struggle? And what happens when the real war comes to the halls of Gotham Academy?

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    This was great! I was really scared that the absence of Karl Kerschl was going to kill this book for me. While different than whatKerschl was doing, Archer manages to bring a life and exuberance to the characters that was quite endearing. The story by Brenden Fletcher is also one of the most comical and simultaneously heartfelt chapters of Gotham Academy yet. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the characters. When written with sincerity, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

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    The Robin War tie-in was rather weak. It makes sense that the youth movement would hit Gotham Academy, but Riko didn’t really add anything to the story, other than giving Maps someone new and interesting to bounce off of. The short cameo by Damian at the end was much cooler, and the potential for more Damian/Maps team-ups might be the first time I’m excited for a new Damian Wayne story.

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    The Fandom Post

    Adam and Sandra Hope Archer do a solid job with the artwork here, though longtime fans may miss what we usually get in terms of visual color pop – particularly us digital readers. They definitely capture the designs and look with their own spin on it, not straying far but making it their own, and the visual pacing and layouts are well done, though perhaps lacking in some of the creative overall page layouts we get. I certainly wouldn’t mind this team coming back for more standalone tales. Fletcher’s story is one that weaves into the larger narrative and it works well, though it does feel like a little bit of character personality might be missing without Cloonan involved. With its focus more on Maps and Riko, that’s understandable as well. While I cringed at an event tie-in – and having another issue a week after the previous one – it worked out better than I expected and gave Maps a little more time in the spotlight, which is always a good thing.

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    It’s impressive when a newer series can tie in to an event without losing any sense of its own identity, and that’s exactly what Brenden Fletcher is able to accomplish in this issue. It’s now illegal to be a Robin, but that doesn’t stop a couple from attending Gotham Academy to catch a zombie. This plot is Gotham Academy through and through, and this latest silly adventure also leads to more sweet moments between BFFs Maps and Olive. The only noticeable “loss of identity” comes on the art side. Guest artist Adam Archer is perfectly able to fit into the cute, adventurous tone of the book (Maps literally staring daggers into Olive’s new roommate is an issue highlight), but is not nearly as successful in capturing the creepy tone, which makes for a somewhat muted zombie mystery in an otherwise entertaining read.

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    Dark Knight News

    I did enjoy this issue. It’s a smooth, light read that kept my interest peaked till the end. Given time to adjust my tastes, I’m sure the new art direction will take hold and become a satisfying new norm, I just wasn’t quite ready for it yet.

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    Black Nerd Problems

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    Dark Knight News

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