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Gotham Academy #11

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

The gang is going downtown! Olive and Maps use Kyle’s tennis tournament as an excuse to explore Gotham City and investigate the mysterious appearances of Calamity. Could Olive’s mom really be alive?

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24 pages
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    A guest appearance by Red Robin, a field trip turned “mission impossible” by Maps, answers to questions you have been wondering about since the premiere issue, and a pinch of self-deprecation. This book just has it all! The formula that the creative team adheres to is becoming addictive: a solid story in 20 pages that bring you answers while also inviting new questions, all while keeping you entertained throughout. Go team Maps! Detective Club assemble!

  • 92

    Black Nerd Problems

    Gotham Academy #11 is another strong issue that benefits from such a strong supporting cast. This is Olive’s story, but you care just as much about the people around her; in fact, the way her friends love her so much is part of the reason readers love her so much. Look forward to more action, adventure, and some serious nods to Batman: The Animated Series.

  • 90


    Taking the chance to dive into Gotham Academy mid-story did not disappoint. I definitely see what the hype was about and will be making an effort to work through the entire series. Despite the serious tone, this is also a series I can see myself recommending to kids or therapists, who are regularly looking for material to connect and use with their clients.

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    The Fandom Post

    Gotham Academy has been working Olive’s past in a really good way throughout the run so far and each new reveal and tidbit of information has been enticing. Things take on a greater scope here with what’s revealed in the records room and it uses a really good connection with Batman and Robin that doesn’t feel forced as it adds more to the overall narrative. There’s a lot of great little bits throughout this, especially with Maps and her enthusiasm and mask, but also some nice touches with Red Robin. The artwork continues to be strong though the more muted color tones this time around just made it feel a bit less engaging than it has before.

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    Maps might just be the best of the new wave of awesome, adorkable female characters. Batgirl and Squirrel Girl are awesome, but Maps is on a whole different level. She’s adorable, she’s determined, she’s friendly and confident, and now, she’s a Robin! I was waiting for the day when Maps would get to crossover with We Are Robin, and this is hopefully the beginning of great things. She’s an obvious recruit, and her team-up with Red Robin this issue is pretty great. It’s all the fun of Gotham Academy in one bite!

    Though I’m not entirely sure why Red Robin is there in the first place…

    The rest of the stuff is pretty good too. Olive’s mystery keeps getting weirder and deeper, and I’m a little confused, honestly. Cloonan and Fletcher have never been very clear about what Calamity is supposed to be, unless I missed an issue somewhere along the line. Honestly, Olive is missing out on the best parts of this comic by being so obsessed with her confusing mother. Maps does what she can to hold her BFF up, but Olive needs to get straightened out soon.

    The art by Kerschel, with Msassyk, was spectacular this issue. The extended flashback to Batman and Robin fighting Calamity, with its more painted style, is an issue highlight.

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