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Gotham Academy #10

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 11 critic ratings.

“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!”

To investigate a suspicious student, Olive and the gang join the school production of Macbeth! But is the play haunted?

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    This book hits the perfect sweet spot for me. It has just the right amount of humor, scares, and references to make it stand out as a truly great issue. AddKarl Kerschl’s outstanding visuals to the mix and this becomes an unbeatable tale. The creative team proves once again that they understand the world of Batman almost better than any other team out there right now. They strive to recognize the past while also forging ahead to create something new for the future. I’d even go so far as to say that itepitomizes the best of what a comic should be. If you thought this book was nothing more than a couple of teenage girls at a boarding school, you are sorely mistaken. I can’t recommend this book enough. If you don’t at least pick it up and give it a chance, you only have yourself to blame.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    I’m gonna tell you right now: There’s a reason Gotham Academy keeps being our ‘Pick Of The Week’, and a reason why such a wide variety of Major Spoilers folk love it. This is quality material, where the art is wonderful, nuanced and above all, cute, with a story that is full of twists and turns and believable teenage characters. Gotham Academy #10 is moody, exciting and mysterious, with exciting story and wonderful art

  • 90


    For once, Maps isn’t the most fun part of an issue! The creative team dives headfirst into a silly drama club story, from the main girls reciting the witch spells from Hamlet to Simon freakin’ Trent and Clayface having an actor off on stage. It’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s the sort of silly drama that I love from Gotham Academy.

    I can take or leave all this drama with Olive’s mom; the real pleasure of Gotham Academy is seeing this group of friends come together, solve mysteries, get in each other’s way and deal with the typical drama of high school. The creative team has a solid hook, fun characters and a unique, atypical setting. I hope they really dig in and put this series to good use.

  • 90


    As a piece of the larger puzzle, Gotham Academy #10 definitely serves up a couple more tidbits that will leave smart readers on the edges of their seat. But as a single issue story, it delivers even far more enjoyment than you’d expect. Cloonan, Fletcher, and Kerschl are pulling out all the stops in every single issue, packing it to the brim with the best of what a comic can be, and it shows. If you haven’t jumped on, this is the issue to try. And if you have been here all along, get ready. This is going to be one for the ages.

  • 88

    Black Nerd Problems

    No earth-shattering exposition in this issue, but Gotham Academy #10 still adds to a great story even without much progress. Any issue with a throwback villain from Batman: The Animated Series is automatically a win, and the big reveal in this issue was very well done, visually jarring, and fun to read. And Olive has at least one trademark badass line where she threatens someone 10x her size for talking shit about her mother. Pretty sure Olive is 2 steps away from going full Stinkmeaner and calling out the Lord of Darkness himself if he steps to her wrong. We’re all going to ride out with this series for a good, long time.

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