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Gospel #3 (of 5)

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Stripped of their possessions, the fate of the quest balances on the tip of Pitt’s storytelling tongue.

Meanwhile, deep in ancient woodland, grace, guile, and a murderous blade stalk our heroes.

With one eye always on her legacy, will Matilde see the danger coming?

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    Will Morris does an incredible job with stories within stories, but what really makes Gospel #3 perhaps the best and most fun issue of the series yet is that this issue not only deepens the story—past, present, and legend—but inserts a banger of a bar fight as well. That's right, we get story, we get intrigue, we get personal development for all of our characters, the introduction of a threat, and a really fun bar fight all while pulling back the layers of the larger themes this series has been approaching from issue one. Is there probably a deeper way to approach this issue? Yes. But from my perspective, this is just such a beautifully crafted and fun issue that doesn't lose sight of what it's trying to accomplish with the greater story and it's fantastic.

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