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Gold Goblin #5 (of 5)

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Norman’s big play as a super hero is here.

Can he STAY a hero?

Is his return to the Green Goblin inevitable?

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    The lack of definition surrounding Norman Osborn’s nebulously conjured sins proves to be a problem from start to finish, which isn’t to say there isn’t a place for magically-infused others as characters like Malice have shown. The issue here is that the nature and impact of this entity is so poorly addressed that essential connections of cause and effect can only be explained as or after they occur. It produces a final showdown that features plenty of superhero pageantry and even provides its protagonist with a sustainable, guilt-ridden status quo moving forward, but there’s little tension in that climax. Given the flat artwork that fails to highlight key details or provide much differentiation in depth or between characters, it’s an uphill battle for a character reset still charged with possibilities. Gold Goblin doesn’t undermine the reformed Norman’s position, but it does little to fill it with the potential and intrigue currently found in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. Perhaps the best thing that can be said of it is: No harm, no foul.

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