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Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1

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IMPERIUS REX! Namor is imprisoned, serving out his sentence as the disgraced King of Atlantis! So when a new yet ancient threat arises from the sea, who better to leap into the fray than Marvel’s First Family: the FANTASTIC FOUR! Writer FABIAN NICIEZA and artist CREEES LEE join forces for a GIANT-SIZE deep dive into some of Atlantis’ most dangerous history…and the present that can scarcely hope to contain it! PLUS: Includes a reprinting of FANTASTIC FOUR #33, a classic issue from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby featuring betrayal, action and high drama – in the Atlantean style!

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43 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1 introduces a new foe in a classic Fantastic Four story. For longtime fans of the Four or those wanting to see what makes the Four stand out before their big movie reboot next year, this is worth checking out. At the very least it should get fans invested in North and Coello’s run (which is sorely underrated.)

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    As an anniversary celebration of Marvel’s Giant-Size format, this issue is almost as dated as the concept. Fabian Nicieza’s script has the occasional moments of charm, but its larger conflict comes across as clunky and baffling. Creees Lee’s art also excels in some degrees, but delivers baffling body proportions and overdesigned action in others. If you’re seeking a worthwhile standalone volume surrounding Marvel’s First Family, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

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