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Ghost Rider #9

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Johnny Blaze has finally been exorcized of his demonic tumor, but it lives on as something new and sentient, a dark mirror of both him and his bike… a creature known as EXHAUST. As Johnny and Talia Warroad head toward Chicago — a city known for the blood of its slaughterhouses, a city they believe is central to the Shadow Country conspiracy — they’ll be pursued by Exhaust and the dark forces he manifests.

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  • 90

    The first arc of this larger-than-life story is rippin' and roarin' to it's seismic finale, and the story to date has been nothing short of rubber-burning romp. In fact, romp's probably the wrong word for it – this story from Percy and Smith has turned into its own demonic seance balanced of hues with heavy metal and Sturgis. This issue, in particular, is one of the most thorough of that arc, explaining much of the mythos and lore this creative team has introduced in a little reimagining of the Spirit of Vengeance.
  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 85


    The demonic ‘John Carpenter Thing-like’ entity that Wolverine cut out of Blaze finds a new host. This demonic shadow of Ghost Rider is called Exhaust and what’s more he can spread to new hosts creating more shadows of shadows. Blaze gets drugged by agent Warroad and we find out how he got infected in the first place – it was all down to Blackheart. Cut to Hell’s Backbone and Blackheart has summoned the worst of the worst to usher in a new darkness that Ghost Rider may be powerless to prevent Seven issues in and this one is a banger!
  • 60

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Ghost Rider #9 provides readers with plenty of gore and potent imagery to keep horror fans happy. However, the characters lack motivation, and the plot hasn’t clearly presented itself, so the hopes of a satisfying finale in the next issue are quickly dwindling.

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