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Ghost Rider #18

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Johnny Blaze has been traveling with the brilliant hedge witch, Talia Warroad, but how well does he really know her? Now Talia’s messy past, her teenage loves and furious first spells, will pull into his lane. Just who is Talia Warroad and how was her life set on a collision course with the Spirit of Vengeance?

Guest starring DOCTOR STRANGE!

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    Ghost Rider steps aside so that the spotlight can shine on Talia Warroad, finally giving readers an origin to the enigmatic mystic. As with previous issues in this title, Benjamin Percy refuses to pull any punches with his storytelling, giving Talia a heartbreakingly brutal origin on how she came to be. While the eponymous character is thrown to the backburner this issue, giving readers plenty of exposition on one of Marvel's new favorites is a welcome (and needed) change of pace.
  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Ghost Rider #18 is the perfect overview of Talia and her personality, showing what makes her tick and the demons she continually faces every day. For anyone who loves the character, this is a must buy. If you’re unfamiliar with the character but love horror stories, it’s also a must buy. There are several chilling scenes throughout the book and it’s a great set-up for the storyline kicking off next issue.
  • 80

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About the Author: Benjamin Percy

Benjamin Percy is an American author of novels and short stories, essayist, comic book writer, and screenwriter.


Benjamin Percy has published four novels, The Dark Net, The Dead Lands, Red Moon, and The Wilding, as well as two books of short fiction: Refresh, Refresh and The Language of Elk. In 2016, he published his first book of non-fiction, a collection of essays on writing and genre fiction: Thrill Me.

Percy’s first work for DC Comics was writing Detective Comics #35 – 36 in 2014, which was part of the company’s New 52 branding. He eventually took over as writer on the company’s Green Arrow series, beginning with issue 41, and continuing until issue 52, when that series was cancelled in preparation for DC’s 2016 DC Rebirth initiative, which involved restarting its monthly titles with new #1 issues. Percy would continue as writer on Green Arrow with its new series in 2016, beginning with the one-shot Green Arrow: Rebirth, which sold over 90,000 copies when it was released in May 2016. It was the highest-selling issue with Green Arrow as the main character in recent comics history, and received a second-printing. In comparison, the final issues of the previous Green Arrow series sold between 21,000 and 22,000 copies, the last Green Arrow #1, from the New 52 launch, sold 55,512 copies, and Kevin Smith‘s Green Arrow #1 from 2001 sold 85,046 copies.

From November 2019 Percy is the main writer of X-Force series and from February 2020 of Wolverine series for Marvel Comics.

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