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Ghost Rider #16

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Over the years, the same hitchhiker has found Danny Ketch, Robbie Reyes and now Johnny Blaze! Join us for this stand-alone tale of terror that threatens the past present, and future of the Ghost Riders…

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22 pages
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    Ghost Rider #16 functions like a ghost story told by a campfire with a narrator detailing the narrative of a mysterious hitchhiker who crosses paths with all three of Marvel’s most prominent Ghost Riders. The concept makes for an intriguing one-shot, especially with the tightly paralleled trio of stories providing plenty of material to reflect the broad strokes of this new villain’s origin. When the hitchhiker’s nature and goals are revealed, it’s an especially gruesome twist that makes for some excellent horror, but the artwork can’t bear the load of these sequences. Gory elements of dismemberment and exposed muscle underwhelm expectations and cannot make the revelations of this harrowing antagonist’s nature as impactful as they ought to be. Readers will be left anticipating the reappearance of this hitchhiker, which makes the upcoming crossover with Wolverine a bit more interesting.

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