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Ghost Rider #62

At the Q’araq Oil Field in Saudi Arabia, workers believed they were under attack from supernatural beings called jinns. However, the true culprit was the Water Wizard, who used his powers to create monsters out of petroleum. Johnny Blaze, watching the news from a diner, learned that Hurani, accompanied by the Water Wizard, was behind the incident and demanded the government’s surrender. Johnny planned to stop them but lacked the funds to travel to the Middle East. He sought financial assistance from Flagg Fargo, who agreed but took Johnny’s motorcycle as collateral.

Arriving in Saudi Arabia, Johnny transformed into Ghost Rider and headed towards the oil refinery, where he encountered the Arabian Knight. Initially mistaken for the creator of the jinns, Ghost Rider proved his innocence. After a failed alliance proposal from the Arabian Knight, Ghost Rider continued his mission. Sheik Hurani and his forces attacked the royal palace in Riyadh with their oil jinns. Ghost Rider intervened, defeating the guards and confronting Hurani and the Water Wizard. With the Arabian Knight’s assistance, Ghost Rider defeated the jinns and captured the Water Wizard. However, an explosion caused by an escaped jinn reverted Ghost Rider back to Johnny Blaze.

After the battle, Qamar, a member of Hurani’s group, gave Johnny a ruby to repay Fargo. Running out of time, Johnny returned to the United States on a flying carpet provided by Qamar and repaid Fargo with the ruby, reclaiming his motorcycle.

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