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Geiger: Ground Zero #1 (of 2)

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The saga of THE UNNAMED continues!

GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK return to the apocalyptic world of GEIGER for a special explosive two-issue origin epic.

What happened to Tariq Geiger in the days after the nuclear bombs first dropped?

How did mankind survive the UNKNOWN WAR?

Who is the mysterious Russian scientist Dr. Molotov and why is he hunting Geiger?

And how does this tie all the way back to the American Revolution?

Get ready to put on your hazmat suit and find out!

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33 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    This first installment narrates the tragic origin of this very interesting antihero, this is the comic you should read because it is just the tip of the radioactive iceberg. Gary Frank and Brad Anderson achieve the perfect balance between two opposite tones, gloomy with radiant, where the details are so many that it deserves to be read carefully.
  • 100

    First Comics News

    This new special kicks off a new era for the Mad Ghost imprint and ultimately comes out a winner with its stellar creative team (Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, along with Brad Anderson, can do no wrong) and the fact that they can take real-life events and weave a story that is not only memorizing but adds more layers into the origin of their main character as The Glowing Man (Geiger) is being hunted by a radioactive monster while searching for his family. Being available for new readers while building a world of engaging factors that are sure to take the comics industry by storm; Everyone should pick this up and get in on the action while waiting to see what Mad Ghost comes out with next.
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    As the official launch of the Ghost Machine universe, this was a strong jumping on point for newcomers and fans of Geiger and Junkyard Joe. This is probably a great time to get in on the ground floor of what could be the next great comic imprint.
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    Geiger: Ground Zero #1 is a great reintroduction to the Unnamed universe that is a perfect jumping on point for new and old readers alike.
  • 88

    Nerd Initiative

    Marty: Geiger Ground Zero delivers a compelling narrative with well-crafted characters and a visually stunning presentation. The minor challenge for new readers is overcome by the unfolding present-day scenes. As a reader who has read the first volume I am excited to see how the additional backstory plays out! Ken: The early days of Ghost Machine’s radioactive powerhouse comes to light with an excellent debut chapter. Johns crafts first-class writing of his characters while Frank, Anderson and Leigh drill home the theme of what makes Ghost Machine stand out from the rest: Characters First.
  • 85


    Geiger: Ground Zero #1 provides a compelling, yet tragic origin for its radioactive protagonist – and an entry point for new readers. This comic is proof that Image is firing on a wholly different set of cylinders than other publishers, and it makes me even more excited for the future of comics in genera.
  • 75

    Fanbase Press

    Anything written by Geoff Johns is bound to be good, but is this series (and its soon-to-be-shared universe with the upcoming talents of Peter Tomasi, Brad Meltzer, Bryan Hitch, Gary Frank, and others) worth picking up? Creator-owned series and universes – like Byrne’s Next Men or Mike Mignola’s Hellboy – have ended up being the best work they have done because they are not bound by editorial dictates or the unwillingness to take an established character into a dangerous direction. Geiger has the potential to follow that path, depending on where this story goes. For that reason alone, it is definitely worth checking out.
  • 60

    There is a lot of worldbuilding taking place in Geiger: Ground Zero, but there story is accessible to new readers. There are elements plucked from real-world events, or events that could take place in our everyday world. The Glowing Man is in search of his family, but is being hunted for being a radioactive monster. His origin story is quite sad, especially when you factor in being from another country. Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson are a powerhouse creative team, so fans of their work will want to pick this up to follow their story.

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