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G.O.D.S. #8 (of 8)

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If you could go back and erase the biggest mistake you’ve ever made, would you? Of course you would. So let’s do that. And let the pieces fall where they may.

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    G.O.D.S. #8 is an apt ending for its main character, Wyn, as the series closes the door on an idea machine that expanded our minds in the realms of science and magic. Whether you found it too confusing, or not as satisfying as Marvel seemed to promise, you can’t deny it has added to the conversation of Marvel cosmic.

  • 80

    Intimate drama combined with Valerio Schiti’s consistently stunning (and sometimes horrifying) depictions is a rare gift in the genre of superhero comics. Finding this bittersweet reflection upon the adventures of G.O.D.S. at its end leaves me wanting to revisit the entire saga and still hoping to see Wyn and Aiko together again.

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    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    G.O.D.S. #8 brings the pseudo miniseries to a close by sending Wyn on a trip down memory lane to visit different points in his life, including the fallout from his battle with the In-Betweener (which we never see). Hickman proves he’s still the most creative world-builder on Marvel’s team, but readers looking for an actual story will only find unsatisfying snippets of scenes and ideas that could be developed into something more in the future.

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