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G.O.D.S. #7 (of 8)

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Dimitri is an orphan who was born in the Cosmodrome. Out there somewhere is what he’s been looking for his whole life. The way in is the way through. All you have to do is listen for the signal.

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    Comic Watch

    Dimitri’s origin story is one of true archetypal tragedy, as he turns to science for understanding and comfort when faced with the harsh realities of the cosmos. That makes it fitting that only magic can lead him to his deepest desire, a point that Hickman plays up in his scripting for G.O.D.S. #7. Schiti continues that exploration of emotion and motivation by recentering in the young man’s expressions. Moving on from the calm, cool demeanor is a pair of joy and despair, reforged by the end of the issue as pure resolve in the face of an endless, abstract cosmos. Paired with Garcia’s colors, which expand those two notions to a scale beyond epic, the issue tries new strategies while reinforcing the things that work best about the series. With only one issue to go for this iteration of the series, the creative team provides another example of how refreshing and heartbreaking the intersection of magic and science can be.

  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    This series continues to surprise with this story that expands the Marvel universe in all its dimensions.

  • 85


    G.O.D.S. #7 is a reminder this series is more like a taste-tester for adding rules and reveals around Marvel’s cosmic universe. It’s not so much building a story but building a foundation to develop stories later. In this way, it continues to intrigue while maintaining an obtuse nature to its grander purpose.

  • 80

    G.O.D.S.‘s penultimate issue (for now at least) shifts the focus away from Wyn and Aiko and onto Wyn’s associate Dimitri, the emissary of The Powers That Be, revealing his backstory and the secret motivation for his subtle actions through the series. It’s a personal issue that doesn’t shy away from having Dimitri may a defiant, definitive statement on what matters to him. It’s also tragic, though not quite as a heart-rending it seems intent on being, perhaps because it isn’t all that hard to figure out what the downer twist before it lands. That said, the art remains gorgeous, and G.O.D.S., as it nears it (apparent) end, continues to feel like it is just now beginning to ramp up to something. Or perhaps that’s just the feeling of being fully invested in these fascinating new characters and their conflict. Either way, here’s hoping for more or at least satisfying conclusion.

  • 78

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    G.O.D.S. #7 puts the conflict with the In-Betweener on pause for a side story about Dimitri fulfilling a personal quest. In isolation, this is a perfectly good story that tells you everything you want to know about Dimitri and his life to this point. In context, the urgent conflict involving the In-Betweener is at a standstill when only one issue is left to tell that story. This does not bode well for the finale.

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