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Firefly: The Fall Guys #2 (of 6)

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With an assassination attempt pushing the feds to extreme measures, the Serenity crew is in dire straits!

Burdened by an unbelievably high bounty, Kaylee and the crew do their best to hide… but the feds are always one step ahead…

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23 pages
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    Surprise, surprise, the crew of the Serenity finds themselves in the tightest of spots as ‘Firefly: The Fall Guys’ #2 reveals the aftermath of the last issue’s events while mixing in some solid revelations. All the correct Firefly-like energy can be found on every page as the creative team just nails it.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Trapped in a small frontier town and framed for an assassination attempt, the Serenity crew scramble to hide from Alliance troops in Firefly: The Fall Guys #2.

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    Firefly: The Fall Guys #2 sees the Serenity crew on the run after being framed for attempting to assassinate the president of the Alliance. Unable to get off-world before the Alliance locks down the planet, they instead go to ground, resulting in some amusing disguise choices. While involving the Alliance president ups the stakes, the issue is still a light affair and a familiar premise for Firefly (job gone wrong, crew double-crossed, etc.). There’s a sense of fun in the writing too, particularly in the horseback roll call scene, but it all feels broad and saps the book of any sense of urgency or danger, despite the Alliance’s involvement. Aesthetically, the book is design-conscious, its clean, borderless gutters contrasting with the grainy colors. The characters are majorly abstracted from the actors who played them on television, which is fine in theory, but perhaps taken a bit too far as some of the figures feel a bit off. There’s nothing to point to that feels egregious or wrongheaded, nor is there anything particularly memorable. It’s a fine enough continuation of Firefly’s comic book adventures, but unlikely to draw or keep the attention of curious newcomers.

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