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Fantastic Four Annual #32

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When Reed and Sue became parents it changed the Fantastic Four forever. What happens when Johnny Storm finds out he’s going to become a dad? Especially as he has no recollection of the night in question. Turns out the truth lies within Johnny as the rest of the FF shrinks down inside the Human Torch where they find a trap laid by one of their most powerful enemies. How can Reed, Sue and Ben cut loose to win the battle without hurting Johnny? And how can Johnny defend himself from an outside threat without flaming on and killing his friends inside him? A wild journey into fatherhood and inside Johnny Storm!

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    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    The story is provided by Joe Ahearne, and it surrounds an event that we might have expected to happen a long time ago – a young woman shows up at the Baxter Building claiming to be pregnant – and that Johnny Storm is the father.

    What follows is an intelligent examination of how that happened (pause here for “birds and the bees” joke), and whether the woman is telling the truth. That calls for an investigation into a possible plot by an old foe, a couple of “Fantastic Voyages” and quite a few interesting twists along the way. Best of all, the character voices are all “spot on,” something not every writer can manage.

    The issue also features amazing art by Bryan Hitch. As good as his work on the regular title was, this is even better, with delightful splashes (I love the first page, even though it has no members of the FF on it), incredible layouts and great character bits. Oh, and a powerful “Clobbering Time” page, too.

    All is all, an annual that’s a cut above the rest, and one of the best I’ve read in years. Which isn’t as good a compliment as it should be, but what can you do?

    This one is highly recommended!

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    Reading Fantastic Four Annual #32 is like taking a trip back to 2008 when Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch were headlining these series. Even the cover’s trade dress reverts back to those earlier days. But sadly, this annual only serves to showcase how far the book has come in such a short time.

    Frequent Millar collaborator Joe Ahearne cooks up a tale where Johnny Storm faces the possibility of becoming a father. This could be a good springboard for a story that forces the eternally youthful and fancy-free Johnny to grow up, but the issue never offers the emotional resonance needed to sell the concept. As such, the plot feels contrived and half-baked. There are a few scenes where Ahearne captures that same sense of wonder and exploration that are so happily commonplace in the best FF tales, but not nearly enough to prevent the annual from devolving into a dull and un-engaging read.

    Hitch’s widescreen art is a plus, but it also suffers from the same flaws much of his post-Ultimate work has in terms of consistency and clarity. In a sense this issue reads like a leftover tidbit from Millar’s FF stint. It’s earnest in what it sets out to do, but the substance isn’t there.

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    The Newest Rant

    The daughter of an old villain spends months in Johnny Storms brain for some reason and gets a female character pregnant with robots or something. The dialogue seems stilted, the plot makes little to no sense…at least the art looks good. The idea Johnny could have a kid out there is a story idea that will either be forgotten and never mentioned again, or used soon now that he has died so that someone can take his place. This comic was confusing, convoluted, and otherwise pretty useless. At least it looks decent.

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