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Fantastic Four #8

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The Fantastic Four are finally settling into their new normal… but something very ABNORMAL is happening outside their farmhouse. Sue and Alicia get to spend some quality time together in town, but when they return, everything is not how they left it…

…and a very different Fantastic Four are left in their place!

It’s Sue and Alicia versus the world – and the start of a special two-part story!

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  • 94

    Comic Watch

    Fantastic Four, more than anything else right now, is a fun series. North knows what to take seriously, what not to take seriously, and when to lean into each. And at this point the issues are still largely self-contained, so someone who didn’t hop on in the beginning can jump on at any point. And Fantastic Four #8 is a great time to do just that.
  • 85


    Smart and clever with impeccable attention to detail, Fantastic Four continues to be as good as ever. This issue is slower to get going, but it’s impossible to miss the character work, love of the characters, and nuanced storytelling.
  • 60

    Fantastic Four #8 is slow to get started as it establishes a new status quo for the team while they take shelter at the "Fantastic Farmhouse," but once the mystery begins revealing itself things become increasingly interesting through a "To Be Continued" that's bound to keep readers hooked. There's a lot to appreciate in the issue's backhalf as the team's relationships, especially those between the Storm siblings and Alicia, are a reliable source of warmth and humor; Johnny delivers some particularly big laughs once he gets into the heat of the action. Yet the front half still suffers from the overriding issue's plaguing this series so far as the focus on gardening and running errands in a small town (that oddly shifts itself into being a small city in the background) makes for lukewarm superhero comics that are pleasant, but largely forgettable. The rollicking adventure introduced midway through that feels like a Kirby-sized clash with an antagonist seemingly pulled from Marvel Comics' early monster books provides a much-needed chang of pace.

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