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Fantastic Four #5

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

The Fantastic Four are reunited and all is well… until their convoy is interrupted by NICK SCRATCH and SALEM’S SEVEN!

It’s an all-out magical BATTLE for SURVIVAL right there on the highway, and the Fantastic Four 100% fail to win it.

That’s right! This solicit isn’t going the way you thought it would!

As the truth of what happened is puzzled out, Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny and Alicia all realize that something more sinister has taken place, and their only hope of undoing it is an impromptu voyage into the unknown…

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23 pages
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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Redd doesn’t understand how magic works, but he manages to go to the Dimension where Nicolas Scratch comes from and opens his mind to understand the fourth dimension, a concept that is almost impossible for humans to understand, but for Reed’s flexible mind it is possible. . This sequence is intense and mind blowing.

    It is very detailed where it shows everything with detail and lots of lighting.

  • 97

    Comic Watch

    Fantastic Four #5 continues the series stellar new run. Norths writing is a little more complex. And though the artist is different here, the issue doesnt miss a step. This series remains a must-buy even for readers not usually dedicated to Fantastic Four.

  • 90


    Fantastic Four has been nothing short of endearing, exciting, and thought-provoking under Ryan North’s new direction. That continues today in Fantastic Four #5, which has the team finally back together on a road trip. Joining North on the latest issue is artist Ivan Fiorelli on a different kind of adventure that many can relate to. You know that of any team to have the weirdest experience stuck in traffic, it would be the Fantastic Four! (…) In Fantastic Four #5, a road trip is in order for this family, but danger and death are around the corner in ways that you don’t see in any other superhero comic. This series continues to capture the family feel of the team, the eclectic voices, and an endearing quality that’s hard to resist.

  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Fantastic Four #5 has some old foes face the Fantastic Four, but there’s more to their fight than just the battle. Nick Scratch and the Salem Seven come in, fight, and once they’ve accomplished their goal, the real story is seeing the Fantastic Four figure out what to do next to fix the problem. The writing is good, and the art from Ivan Fiorelli is excellent and maintains the visual energy and action from the past issues. Overall, the comic is a fun side adventure with the Fantastic Four.

  • 80


    The saying goes that magic is just science we don’t understand. North dives right into that idea with this issue. The actual conflict with Salem’s Seven is only a few pages, but that’s not the point of the story. The point is offering the Four with a problem they can’t solve through conventional means, so they have to figure out how to be unconventional. It’s fun and twisty, but North also centers it in the characters, making sure it’s more than just a high concept meeting of science fiction and fantasy. (…) This is a fun single issue story that shows what this new status quo can live up to. It’s well worth checking out, and a great indication of what could be to come.

  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 70


    I love some fun and inventive science fiction as much as the next person, but it loses some of its charm when it takes half the issue to give the audience a boring science lecture to explain what’s happening. And even when the characters ask Reed to explain it like we’re children, I still don’t really get it. No amount of Johnny Storm has a mustache now jokes can make up for the hard science, hard lecture that this issue gives us. Something about being mirrored in fourth dimensional space. It makes some amount of sense, to a degree that I still followed the issue, but it’s still weird. Especially since it’s delivered by a quick cameo by eight super-villains, who show up just to cast that one spell. Though I suppose there would have been far more boring ways for this to happen to the Fantastic Four. I do admire North’s chutzpah.

    At least the other half of the comic is still enjoyable. North does a great job on team dynamics and action. Everybody bounces off of each other very well, whether they’re just sitting down for lunch or they’re engaged in superhero fisticuffs. I also really enjoyed having Reed “stretch” his mind and body through dimensional space. That was a hoot, and exactly the kind of big thing I want to see in this comic. But, again, that also came with a lot of explaining to do. Not that I have any idea how to cut back on the explaining. And it’s a sad reminder that I should probably never write a Fantastic Four comic. Some of us never took quantum physics in college!

    An otherwise enjoyable issue of the Fantastic Four is bogged down a bit with long-winded science explanations for what exactly is going on.

  • 60

    The Fantastic Four continue their road trip and encounter some C-listers from their catalog along the highway. The reappearance of Salem’s Seven seems to serve primarily as an excuse to introduce a new sci-fi subplot that provides one spectacular splash in this issue surrounded by a lot of exposition and dialogue that treads dangerously close to camp, especially Reed’s. While the concept is a neat take on real science, it’s primarily addressed in dialogue beyond a single, brief graphic. Not finding more engaging ways to feature this conflict visually (again, outside of a single, spectacular splash) leaves it somewhat lifeless. The most memorable moments from the issue, as a result, are brief bits of humor or small endearing moments. It reads as being a very small issue with suggestions for long-term problems ahead, but little of note to be handled here. The scale of Fantastic Four #5 meets the stature of its villains providing a lackluster installment.

  • 50

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Fantastic Four #5 continues the bizarre road trip with a magical attack that sounds scientific and smart but ultimately hides a boneheaded plot. The leaps in logic are ridiculous, the dramatic tension is completely absent, the villain’s plan is silly, and the outcome makes it seem like this entire issue was intentionally pointless. At least the art is great, so that’s something.

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