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Fantastic Four #20

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Things are calm and normal, and definitely will be for a long while.

Things are NOT about to explode in everyone’s faces, and this is NOT the last chance at normalcy that the FF will have for a very, very long time!

With that being absolutely the case, Ben “The Thing” Grimm and Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm get part-time jobs to bring in some extra cash for the family – and end up getting the same job at the same location.

But surely pairing a hotheaded fire guy with an exasperated rock guy is a recipe for peace, quiet and tranquility, right?

And surely these two won’t bring their own drama with them when working side by side, yes?

Also in this issue: anagnorisis!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Fantastic Four #20 brings a new little story featuring Ben Grimm, The Thing, and Johnny Storm the Human Torch getting jobs. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds. While nothing big or grand happens in the story, it’s very much a grounded and fun misadventure for these heroes. It really banks on their brotherly rivalry to bring all kinds of fun hijinks and shenanigans that the two get into. While not being a big story may seem like a downside, it’s not for this is genuinely a fun comic story with a beginning, middle, and end that shows more of two of Marvel Comics’ best superheroes.

  • 85


    Fantastic Four #20 takes the mundanity of working in a grocery store and plucks out family conflicts. There isn’t a family-based superhero comic out there as good as this.

  • 85

    Comic Watch

    An ongoing trait of Fantastic Four is the high energy and positive mood. All the creative choices maintain that consistent tone. There’s no part of it that works against the rest. And in that way, little more needs to be said about Fantastic Four #20 beyond it being fun.

  • 60

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Fantastic Four #20 is a mildly amusing, one-shot that’s heavy on sitcom antics but devoid of anything remotely approaching a superhero comic. If you’re in the mood for entertaining fluff, Ryan North has you covered, but if you want a Fantastic Four comic that actually has superhero adventures, you may be waiting a while.

  • 50

    Fantastic Four #20 sports a very humorous comics script built around the farcical conceit of the Human Torch and The Thing seeking out mundane, minimum wage work. The gag doesn’t bear much scrutiny, but it produces so many silly asides and exchanges that it doesn’t require much. However, it does wear thin over the course of 20 pages as the issue’s stakes remain essentially non-existent; it’s only in the final few pages that readers receive an emotionally charged dialogue that largely exists outside of the issue’s story. Beyond that it’s the same silly set up producing a number of quality gags. It’s possible to imagine that not being a problem with a more humorous tone and aesthetic present in the issue; artists like Sergio Aragonés, Erica Henderson, and Eric Powell are masters of making the small stuff meaningful in funny books. Artist Carlos Gómez‘s work delivers the story in a much-more straight-forward fashion that appeals to the best elements of Marvel’s modern house style. Yet that’s not what this issue requires and Gómez’s work depicting so many mundane environments without much exaggeration or idiosyncrasy inevitably grows dull. There’s merit to the humorous script and the superhero style of this issue, but they fail to effectively support one another when combined on the page – resulting in a sub-par team-up.

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