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Fantastic Four #19

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She came in trouble, all five feet, six inches of it. Even her name was a warning that things were about to get bad for me, real quick: “Storm.”

Miss Susie Storm, standing there in a blue gown custom-made to take years off the life of anyone who saw her, big as life in my crummy office. The doll needed a private eye to find her boyfriend. Seems he’d pulled a disappearing act: one “Professor Richards,” a hard-luck egghead who’d somehow scored way out of his league.

I didn’t want to take her case, but my bank account said otherwise, and besides: There was something about her. A sense of danger maybe, but also, a vulnerability. Call me a sap, but the world’s a rough place – and me, I didn’t want to make it any rougher on her.

‘Course, it wasn’t long before I wished I’d had the good sense to keep my distance…

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    If it’s not obvious yet, this family gets into the craziest adventures. Fantastic Four #19 shows how the science fiction of it all can blend with fun tropes in a noir adventure worth checking out. This series continues to be the most clever and imaginative superhero comic on the stands.

  • 85

    Comic Watch

    Fantastic Four #19 never feels committed to a thematic choice, whether playing the genre straight or attempting a parody. A large part of this failing is Alicia’s narration which has no real depth, be it humor, emotion, or commentary. But while the story does falter, the issue is uplifted by the visual choices. But ultimately, Fantastic Four’s first real misstep remains a higher quality experience than the best issue of many other superhero series.

  • 80

    Fantastic Four #19 absolutely delivers on the promise of Alex Ross’s noir cover art. It opens on Alicia Masters in black-and-white with rare splashes of color and delivers on narration that sets the mood perfectly. Both the mystery presented in those opening pages and the underlying mystery of how this story came to be provide satisfying answers within a single issue; both halves of that plot deliver upon the characters of the central cast while continuing Alicia’s spotlight in the current volume. While Jesus Aburtov’s color design may pay homage to Frank Miller, he and artist Carlos Gómez deliver a noir panoply that is effective and entirely their own. The character designs of the Fantastic Four and many of their familiar cast are excellent and make this one spin on reality readers may wish had lingered a little longer.

  • 60

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Fantastic Four #19 ignores the events of issue #18 in favor of a cooldown Elseworlds-ish issue that puts Alicia Masters at the heart of a detective noir mystery. In and of itself, the issue is fine as a novel time waster, and the art is solid, but North continues to keep this ongoing series rudderless.

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