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Fantastic Four #18

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THE SECRET OF FRANKLIN RICHARDS! Franklin Richards has been an immortal, a god, an Omega-level mutant – and more. He’s created life, entire universes, and been worshipped for it. He’s ended life and been cussed out with just as much sincerity. But there’s something else Franklin Richards has done – and is doing – that nobody else in the universe knows about. Also in this issue: An invisible asteroid threatening all life on Earth and the all-new S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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    I haven’t felt like more of a broken record when reviewing than I have on Fantastic Four, but dammit, this series is truly special. The latest issue gives us new tidbits on Franklin as the series continues to impressively give the entire family focus while also introducing a big science problem resolved via clever writing.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    “Smart” is an adjective that can be applied to almost every issue in Ryan North’s Fantastic Four run. In the case of Fantastic Four #18, it applies to Franklin’s character development and the ease with which his status quo is adjusted. Perhaps this will prove to be a milestone issue. But for now it’s just a good story about a kid who wants to be a kid.

  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Fantastic Four #18 lets Franklin Richards shine in his own way. The issue does a solid job of recounting the more essential parts of Franklin’s life, and establishing an interesting status quo for the character going forward, at least in this series. The scenario the Fantastic Four find themselves in is pretty standard fare for them, despite how ridiculous it is. The interior artist Carlos Gomez does a great job depicting this battle between the Fantastic Four and apocalyptic forces of nature. There are a few issues in the comic, like reminding us S.H.I.E.L.D. is back, even though they don’t do anything. But the comic is still a fun read and mostly self-contained, so you feel like you got a complete Fantastic Four story.

  • 80

    Fantastic Four #18 may be the most ambitious issue of the series to date as it rewrites its own premise more than once while playing upon all of this run’s strengths. There’s a strong emphasis on the family is a complete unit as perceived by Franklin Richards and the adventure he glimpses is filled with high stakes sci-fi action that utilizes the team’s many members in inventive fashion. Every element of this is executed well with genuinely heartwarming moments and grand concepts utilizing real science to terrifying effect. Yet the depiction of these ideas is ultimately lacking. The words on a splash describing the overwhelming power contained in an asteroid strike are more intimidating than the associated images. It’s not that the provided artwork is bad, but it adheres roughly to reader expectations for modern Marvel’s house style. Heroic poses are matched with fire and explosions, but even some of those explosions are undermined by how poorly they reflect what is described about the light and timing of this spectacularly planned event. Fantastic Four #18 can’t meet all the potential it contains with artwork that hues so close to superhero standards, but it’s still an inventive and enjoyable read.

  • 50

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Fantastic Four #18 is yet another botched attempt by Ryan North to make science cool by wrapping a half-baked adventure story around an ill-presented science lesson. The concept of making science cool by using a “fantastic” application is noble, but the execution falls abysmally short.

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