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Fantastic Four #28

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The deadliest weapon in the universe. The greatest force it could ever be leveled at. And a decision that could forever change the life of our Fantastic cast! Plus, a shocking return of a major character! This one is not to be missed! Guest-starring the SILVER SURFER… and more!

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  • 88

    Comic Watch

    When things are dire in the world of the Fantastic Four, they are dire at a magnitude you dont see anywhere else. And when things end happily in an FF saga, they end more happily than youd see elsewhere in comics. Except that this happy ending has left Earths greatest heroes homeless, its as happy as it can get. After this business with Venom Symbiotes is over (mercifully), it will be the start of a new cosmic chapter for the worlds greatest heroes.

  • 85


    The Fantastic Four face their one deaths in this concluding chapter to the latest cosmic-fulled adventure of Marvel’s first family. Dan Slott sows the seed for future storylines while also including a familiar steak of fun into proceedings too. With out-of-this work art and colours by R.B Silva and Jesus Arbutov.

  • 80

    Nothing about the Fantastic Four should ever be traditional, and the last issue of this arc broke from tradition in the best of ways. Some characters get to experience what their death will probably look like, setting up an exciting but terrifying future for Marvel’s first family. And while the conclusion itself may seem anticlimactic, making a deal and solving an issue with your mind is exactly what the Fantastic Four are about.

  • 75


    The art and spectacle entertain, but the conclusion is a tad too easy.

  • 65

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    This issue wrapped the Griever story in the neatest way possible. Now there is a chance, that she may eventually return, but for now, she is (quite literally) a future problem. I simply loved the Silver Surfer in this issue. Silva does an excellent job of drawing the Surfer as a cosmic being. This is a prime example of art candy! I also enjoyed the way Slott wrote the Silver Surfer’s dialogue. He comes across as a prince instead of a former herald of a world eater. The Griever, on the other hand, gave me Sailor Moon villain vibes. Now do not get me wrong, I love her concept. Cosmic Marvel is extremely interesting both conceptually and in writing. However, the Griever failed to live up to what I felt she could be. For example, how many entities on her level have you ever heard of “agreeing” with our heroes? But then again, the Fantastic Four does have some cosmic level clout. Overall, I would skip this issue. There weren’t too many “wow” moments or even action for that matter. However, I am sure the next arc will quickly provide us with some action!

  • 65

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Dan Slott’s execution to the numerous ideas in this book were just off. They all have potential, they all looked really cool. They just needed to actually settle into the story long enough to actually be something. Maybe the fact that this book is monthly is hurting it from being apart of the hype I almost forgot this book was still being published. With bigger things happening and other voices being louder, Fantastic Four continues to be the kid alone in the back of the bus.

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