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Fantastic Four #21

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With the Fantastic Four neck–deep in the menace in space, who can Powerhouse and Brainstorm call upon to deal with the crisis down on Earth? Only Spider–Man and Wolverine, of course!

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23 pages
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  • 88

    Comic Watch

    As Empyre moves into full swing, Marvel does one of the things that it loves to do best and throws Spider-Man and Wolverine out to get people to pay attention. With the Cotati, the Priests of Pama, and this so-called Dark Harvest we seem to be seeing a new spin on an old story. These cross-continuity events are mostly a marketing stunt to be endured, but at least The FF are taking a central role in this one instead of being treated as secondary characters in their own universe. And what is it with NKalla?

  • 82

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Dan Slott once again proves he’s one of the best Fanatic Four writers in the history of the series.

  • 80


    A good issue to kick off an adventure with Val and Franklin while their family dives into the Empyre war. Fans should get a kick out of Spider-Man and Wolverine in the story and there is some solid dialogue throughout.

  • 40

    Dan Slott has proven over the last year that he’s a great Fantastic Four writer. The problem here is that the Fantastic Four are only in their own book for a few pages. The great Skrull event series of 2020 can only carry a story so far.

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