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Fantastic Four #567

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The Marquis of Death has returned to Earth after a genocidal sojourn of two decades! And his first target is his once-pupil, Victor Von Doom!

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    Doctor Doom’s master is apparently defeated by the protégé, during a fight where half of the world’s heroes died. But after the fight, Doctor Doom becomes a force for good, marries the widow of Mr. Fantastic, cures cancer and aids, solves world hunger and becomes a champion for peace on Earth. But right where it all started, it ends in the destruction of Doctor Doom and the christening of a new Doctor Doom. Is the world ready for such a threat?

    This issue was quite fun, if not confusing at times. Having skipped several issues of the Fantastic Four, it wasn’t easy to get back into the story. The flash forward subplot didn’t help, although it was interesting. The paradox of the future Doctor Doom marrying the future version of the woman he killed a few issues ago is mind boggling. I’m not even sure how that story got resolved. I blame it all on the little copies my store gets of this series. Which brings the point that perhaps it will best enjoyed when it is all collected in one edition. The story is captivating and I can’t wait to see where Millar is going with it.

    Hitch continues to deliver superior renderings in these pages and he will be missed when his and Millar’s run end. He clearly defines how the characters should look, although I don’t like how he draws Doctor Doom’s nose. It seems like something DC Comics’ Hawkman would wear!

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    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    I really had high hopes for the Mark Millar / Bryan Hitch run on Fantastic Four.

    The problem hasn’t been on Hitch’s part – the art on this series has been amazing, and few artists do a better job depicting big events and cosmic settings. This issue is no different, and there are several stunning splash pages on display here. The book is worth picking up for the art alone.

    I really think the only stumbling block has been the covers. Instead of depicting a single iconic scene or an eye-catching layout, Hitch has been creating muddy, jumbled layouts that just don’t jump out at you when you look over the week’s comics. They’re great art, but not effective covers.

    This issue’s cover is a good example, with the four faces of our heroes arrayed around the mask of Doom. The almost-invisible masthead at the bottom of the page doesn’t help much either, although it does almost completely obscure Sue Storm’s face at the bottom right.

    The story really falls short here, as Doom faces his former instructor. The plot spins and twists but never really offers anything new and different, although it tries to set up Doom’s Master and his mysterious apprentice (associate?) as unstoppable forces of destruction.

    Here’s hoping the story can still turn things around – but hope is fading fast.

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