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Fantastic Four #560

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Future Shock! Learn the startling story of how the world ends! Can the Fantastic Four avert the planet’s demise?

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  • 90

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    So far, this comic has been very impressive. In fact, the only thing that doesn’t work for me is the covers, which seem to be exercises in artistic expression, rather than capturing the reader’s attention on the stands. It doesn’t help that the new FF logo is so small and easily overlooked. The art on this cover is amazing, but it takes close examination to figure out what’s going on – and that’s not the job of a cover.

    This issue’s cover is a good example – it’s a thing of beauty, but it’s also murky, a maelstrom of rain, lightning, flames – you really have to look close to make out the three figures.

    But even if it had a blank cover, this book would be well worth buying. Millar and Hitch are testing the limits of the comic book, and there’s no better proving ground than the Fantastic Four.

    I’m not sure it’s again the Greatest Comic Mag, but it’s one of the best out there – and at this rate, it’ll soon be wearing the crown again.

  • 84

    Weekly Comic Book Review

    As you can expect, we’re treated to another issue of gorgeous visuals care of Bryan Hitch and his supporting art team. Mark Millar slows things down a bit in what’s probably his most story-centric issue of Fantastic Four yet. We’ve seen similar stories to this before, but the scale and character choices he uses here are bold and inventive.

    Millar’s dropped hints over the past few issues that finally come to fruition and anyone with half a brain will be able to figure out who’s who and what’ll happen next with little to no effort. This lack of surprise left me a little disappointed, but the story held my attention making me genuinely interested to see where this goes next. That huge Earth contraption from the beginning of this run is definitely going to play a role in the last part of this arc, and the fun will be seeing how 8 billion people are transported there.

    This is an issue of answers, explanations, and plot advancement. Don’t expect surprises, because chances are you won’t get any. If you’ve been having fun with the ride so far, chances are your experience won’t be hampered. Just don’t expect the shocking cliffhanger that Millar usually spoils us with.

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