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Fantastic Four #19

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The Fantastic Four travels to the past and is greeted by the Pharaoh called Rama-Tut. But who is this mysterious time travelling monarch from the year 3000 and what does he want with the FF?

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    First Comics News

    This is a great story but to me, it felt like an unused Dr. Doom plot that Stan Lee never got around to using but reworked to introduce Rama-Tut. The story itself is very predictable such as the group coming into conflict with each other while the Ben Grimm/Alicia Masters relationship continues to get fleshed out during Stan’s tenure on the title. Reed explains his latest discovery which leads into their latest adventure and encounters the villain. Most of the issue makes it suitable for covering Rama-Tut’s origin, especially the part where he came from the year 3000, then took a liking to the FF’s career but ends up wanting to destroy them. The time-traveling element is amazing, especially for the 1960s but fans of the FF will still enjoy that aspect since Stan Lee loved working in Science Fiction for good measure. Fans of the new Ant-Man & The Wasp movie may find joy in this issue if they manage to track it down or read it in the Marel Masterworks, but the fact that Rama-Tut is another identity for Kang is once again a perfect example of him being a powerful adversary for both The Fantastic Four and The Avengers.

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