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Falling In Love On The Path To Hell #2

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It’s not love at first sight for Asami and MacRaith. The samurai & gunslinger are surrounded by the spirits of the undead and trapped on a strange island with monsters. What is the dreaded corpse tide? Who is Mohan, the strong-armed leader of the army of the damned? Can they trust him? Will they escape?

You’re casually invited to your new favorite ongoing as love begins to blossom on the Beach of Bleached Bones. See you in hell!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 94

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Duggan continues to craft a thrilling and engaging story in this follow up issue. There is great action and a fantastic buildup of tension both with the characters and the environment. I love that there is still mystery to everything happening to the characters in the story and that mystery keeps me engaged throughout the issue. I find myself invested in this story, its characters and its ongoing mystery and look forward to seeing what happens next.

    Brown delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. The action is thrilling and I love the visual style of both the characters and the world.

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Falling in Love has an easy to grasp concept and the mix of fighters from all kinds of time periods keeps it from reading like any other comic out today.

  • 88

    Nerd Initiative

    With an eclectic mix of genres and themes, the unlikely love story marches forward to new levels. Duggan builds another layer of mystery with strong storytelling. Brown, O’Halloran and the team present the unstable and dangerous landscape with images that leave their mark on top of a catching premise. The hype behind this series is very warranted.

  • 80


    Falling in Love on the Path to Hell #2 continues to explore the weirdness of an island of undead hordes and strange creatures. The island’s mystery keeps up our interest as a relationship begins to form for its main heroes.

  • 60

    Get Your Comic On

    The debut issue of Falling in Love on the Path to Hell left a lasting impression on me, thanks to its riveting plot, vibrant cultural setting, and captivating characters. Having eagerly delved into the second issue, I found that while it mostly retained its charm, the storyline didn’t quite hit the same high notes. That said, the plot’s slight dip didn’t dampen my enthusiasm, primarily because the characters continued to shine brightly. Their intricate moral quandaries and the evolving dynamics of their relationships are truly the series’ backbone. It’s this rich character development and the unravelling of their bonds that keep me eagerly looking forward to the next instalment.

  • 40

    After a wild opening issue, Falling In Love On The Path To Hell #2 lays out the stakes for readers. [… ] Every action panel is a grimy, flesh-covered mess, making it abundantly clear that while it’s not Hell, it’s not much better. The “love” aspect of the title also appears to be either purely metaphorical or the ultimate long game, as Asami isn’t one for talking and doesn’t think much of Macraith, even though he’s gradually walking right up to the line of just being Red Dead Redemption‘s Arthur Morgan.

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About the Author: Gerry Duggan

Gerry Duggan‘s extensive career in the comic book industry is marked by a unique blend of humor, action, and heartfelt storytelling. With a diverse portfolio that includes some of the most beloved characters and teams in the Marvel Universe, Duggan has established himself as a dynamic storyteller capable of navigating the complex worlds of antiheroes, cosmic adventurers, and, notably, mutants.

Duggan’s significant contributions to Marvel’s mutant narratives stand out as a key aspect of his career. His work with the X-Men and their extended universe, particularly through the series “Marauders,” has been pivotal in exploring new dimensions of the mutant experience. In “Marauders,” Duggan brings a fresh perspective to the mutant saga, focusing on themes of freedom, identity, and societal acceptance. This series not only highlights Duggan’s skill in balancing ensemble casts and intricate plotlines but also underscores his ability to inject new life into established mythos, making the stories accessible and engaging for a broad audience.

Before venturing into the world of mutants, Gerry Duggan made a name for himself with his work on “Deadpool,” where he masterfully balanced the character’s trademark humor with unexpected depth and vulnerability. This approach revitalized Deadpool’s character for a new generation of readers and demonstrated Duggan’s versatility as a writer.

Beyond the realm of humor and the intricacies of mutant politics, Duggan has showcased his range through various genres and characters. His contributions to “Hawkeye” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” highlight his adeptness at both ground-level storytelling and cosmic adventures, respectively. Each narrative, whether set on the bustling streets of New York or the far reaches of space, is infused with Duggan’s distinctive voice and keen narrative insight.

Duggan’s creator-owned projects, such as “Analog” and “The Infinite Horizon,” further illustrate his storytelling range, exploring dystopian futures and retellings of classic tales with a modern twist. These works, characterized by their thought-provoking themes and complex characters, offer readers a glimpse into Duggan’s broader literary interests and his proficiency outside the superhero genre.

Collaborations with top artists have been a hallmark of Duggan’s career, resulting in visually stunning and narratively rich projects. His respect for the comic book medium as a collaborative art form is evident in the seamless integration of story and art, enhancing the overall impact of his narratives.

As a key player in the comic book industry, Gerry Duggan continues to leave an indelible mark on the characters and worlds he touches. From the humorous escapades of Deadpool to the societal struggles of the X-Men, Duggan’s work resonates with fans for its emotional depth, humor, and inventive storytelling. For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Gerry Duggan’s body of work represents the vast potential of comic books to entertain, challenge, and inspire.

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