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Fallen Friend #1

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Kamala Khan died a hero’s death in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #26, saving our entire universe. Come join the other heroes of the Marvel Universe, the creators of Ms. Marvel, and comic fans everywhere in honoring and remembering one of Marvel’s brightest stars!

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  • 90

    However readers may feel about the events of The Amazing Spider-Man #26, there’s no denying that Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel delivers a stirring tribute to Kamala Khan and a poignant reflection on the loss of a human being so young. Each of the assembled creative teams build upon their connections to the character and what she embodies in order to say something of value. On a topic for which there are often no words, they find words and images capable of saying something worthwhile. While Ms. Marvel will inevitably return, her temporary death creates an opportunity for this issue of Marvel Comics to remind us how superheroes may inspire us in life.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The writers each tell an interesting story broken up into three chapters that explore the impact of Kamala Khan’s life on both her family, friends and colleagues. The story does a great job of weaving both the grief these characters feel at the loss of a friend and the interpersonal conflicts that they are all dealing with. I enjoyed that the story increasingly evolved as more characters came in and how each chapter dealt with the best of the character and her impact on the people who knew her.

    The Art: All of the artists deliver beautifully detailed and intricate art throughout the issue. Every page and chapter had visual moments that are memorable.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Fallen Friend #1 has a monumental weight to carry. There are a variety of opinions on the death of Ms. Marvel, and it is one of the most controversial comic moments in this decade so far. However, that was not the decision of the creators who have been tasked with eulogising her. This comic handles that superbly. It recalls how beautiful of a character Kamala was, and just how important she was. Both the art and writing, aside from that second chapter, approach it with the same devastation that many readers felt. Not just within the world itself but as a figure of pop culture. There are a modicum of reasons why losing Kamala is so gut-wrenching, and I think the whole comic encapsulates that.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    Normally I would not consider looking at a “death” issue of any superhero as they are usually just done for sales like the Death and Rebirth of Superman or a bunch of other characters in the 1990s when it was a fad for a while. This one does seem to be different in that the person has already passed away and her friends are dealing with her loss.

    There does seem to be a finality here as at least in this storyline and the ones that it is linked to the person is not just going to reappear. Due to the multiverse in Marvel there will be another version of this character out there but not this one.

    While I am not sure I would recommend this if you have not been following the events around it, the tone of this and mature way death is treated in this story does make it recommended.

  • 60


    Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel #1 is a comic about mourning that thankfully highlights Kamala Khan’s culture but doesn’t do much more. Capturing three moments at her funeral, we get the pulse of key characters who Ms. Marvel touched, but little else. While it’s nice to get some sense of how characters are feeling from the death of Ms. Marvel, it’s far too little and maybe too late. With the character’s revival assured, we have a comic that shows important Muslim culture but little else.

  • 56

    Comic Watch

    Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel #1 is an emotional look into the way that Kamala impacted the lives of all of the supporting characters in Ms. Marvel’s various stories. The first story hits an emotional cord that sets the bar too high for the others, with not all of these tales working as well as the others to serve as a celebration of the powerful characterization of Kamala Khan.

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Fallen Friend: The Death Of Ms. Marvel #1 begins the slow, deliberate process of mourning Kamal Khan through a collection of partial scenes and vignettes of widely- and hardly-known characters gathering to grieve. Each chapter centers on a different group of characters in Kamala’s life, but the comic as a whole doesn’t have anything to say.

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