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Fall Of The House Of X #2 (of 5)

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NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT! The X-Men may be at their lowest spot, and they may be on the brink of complete eradication…but they are not going down without a fight! Polaris returns to guide the X-Men home, bringing a wicked surprise for Orchis! This epic tale split in two continues as the Krakoan Age nears its conclusion!

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    This is a brutal, brilliant, well-plotted story. The death of hope has never looked half as good.
  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Duggan delivers a story with non-stop action and thrills throughout. There is some palpable suspense in every moment of this issue and the excitement is relentless. Duggan brings back some classic X-Men action throughout and weaves the story together in a manner where every moment builds on the thrills of the last. The Art: Werneck’s art is beautifully detailed and as visually thrilling as the story with Valenza adding brilliant and vibrant color to every scene.
  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    The final stand of the X-Men goes heavy with a classic feel that fans won’t want to miss. Duggan drives vintage elements of the X-Family with the great writing. Werneck and company build electric imagery fitting for the fight of their lives. With the stakes at hand, there’s no better time to watch the fall unfold.
  • 80
  • 75

    Geek'd Out

    As the Sabretooth War mostly continues under the radar, most of this week’s action is in Fall of the House of X #2, where the mutants make a big move against Orchis by destroying their main base of operations — and they are quite successful at it. With their leadership scattered and distracted, the mutants are in an advantageous position, but it’s not smooth sailing for them just yet. As we see in this issue, Cyclops avoids execution with the help of an unexpected ally on the other side, but what are her true intentions? TBD. The issue itself is very entertaining and fast-paced; I’d expect that from the flagship title of this event. But why does Dr. Gregor want to learn about Sentinel City, and what does Cyclops know about it? We’ll presumably find out soon.
  • 75

    Comic Book Revolution

    Fall of the House of X #2 is a massive improvement over the first two issues of the latest X-Men crossover. The X-Men are no longer holding back and we see that with their attack on Orchis in this issue. Though we don’t get much progression in the overall story there is now genuine momentum for this event following Fall of X. Hopefully its momentum that future issues of Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X will be able carry forward.
  • 70

    Graphic Policy

    Overall, I haven’t been a fan of the Krakoan age of the X-Men. The concept, I think, went against the basics of the X-Men, though there was potential. So, I’m reading the “Fall” of that era mostly to see what comes next, hoping it all gets back to the X-Men I enjoyed in the past (and it’s ok if it doesn’t). Fall of the House of X #2 is one half of the closing chapter of this era, delivering the over the top event the X-Men is known for. Good or bad, Fall of the House of X #2 feels a lot like the classic events of the 90s, with a slightly choppy narrative where it feels like key moments are missed in its storytelling and instead the focus is on the spectacle. The issue is full of it, with Polaris front and center kicking ass. The issue overall is entertaining and as a slice of the overall story, it works, but on its own, it feels like an empty summer blockbuster.
  • 70


    On the one hand, this doesn’t feel like a finale. There’s just too much going on in too many different directions to feel fully cohesive. But on the other than, it’s all fun X-Men action, so at least there’s that. And that’s really what we’re getting here. There’s a fun couple of scenes where Polaris does some truly awesome stuff. Wolverine, Colossus and Nightcrawler get some screen time together. But all of their combined awesomeness doesn’t prevent Stasis from getting away, so that he can show up later and be more of a villain. So it’s really just cool action for cool action’s sake. The reveal of Dr. Gregor saving Cyclops is neat, though not really what was set up in the previous issue. Cyclops is also randomly in some claustrophobic panels in front of the Eiffel Tower about to be killed. Those pages could have used more room to breathe.
  • 68


    Fall of the House of X #2 is visually stunning, but lacking in story and character development. I truly hope the rest of this series is an improvement; the Krakoan Age needs to end on as strong of a note as it began. The X-Men, and readers, deserve no less.
  • 60


    I wanted to like this issue after the opening. Unfortunately it fell short, and that’s a shame. Maybe the next few issues can pick up and develop the stronger points. Krakoa deserves that.
  • 60

    Major Spoilers

    This is a weaker issue of the Fall of X event. The event made a lot of narrative promises that the creative team now must answer, but hopefully, the finale will be worth the chaos of these middle issues.
  • 40

    Fall of the House of X #2 is full of moments where the artwork fails to live up the pitch. Polaris leading the Brood in an assault on Orchis' base while also making the head of a Celestial chew on the structure from the outside should be among the most memorable moment in superhero comics this week, but the interior compositions can't match the grandeur of Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia's covers. Meanwhile, the script is frantic, jumping from one conflict to the next while drawing on mostly forgotten subplots from mostly forgotten miniseries. Almost ironically, MODOK's deranged resignation letter packs more pointed punch than most of Gerry Duggan's previous attempts at relevance in his X-Men run, making the former AIM leader sound like an out-of-touch tech bro billionaire. Outside of that, this is purely functional issue moving pieces into their needed positions with little else to offer.

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