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Fables #161

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In this penultimate issue, with the lives of the inhabitants of the Black Forest on the line, Peter Pan and Herne enter a bloody battle that will bring both to their knees. But when Tinker Bell comes to the aid of her beaten boss, she’ll unleash an unimaginable fury, and there’s no telling who will live and who will die.

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  • 90

    Fables #161 and its predecessor are reminiscent of Fables’ peak, when the series was both unpredictable and poignant. In just a handful of issues, Willingham and longtime collaborator Mark Buckingham advanced the characterization of Bigby and Snow’s cubs, along with Cinderella and the new Jack in the Green, pushing the latter character into the fray and setting her up for a big role in the finale. Even Tink, the seemingly all-powerful enforcer to Peter Pan, is set up as a tragic figure, continuing a long history of Fables characters being more than they first appear.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    Despite all the chaos this issue, it doesn’t feel like we’re all that closer to the resolution, which makes me worry that the final issue will be rushed. Of course, given the artist pulling double duty with a huge book at the competition and the writer’s actions, who knows when we’ll get the conclusion.

  • 80


    Fables #161 sets up a final confrontation between the remaining heroes, whose numbers have dwindled, and Pan. The loss of Bigby is a big one for the side of good, but Jack the Green finally found her prey. Also of interest here is Cinderella finding herself ousted of her cushy mundy job and seeks out assistance for what comes next making me wonder if Fables is coming to an end, if we might still see my favorite character continue on in some form in her own comic?

  • 60

    DC Comics News

    If one were reading Fables #161 in a collection, there’s no way the reader couldn’t finish it out the last chapter. This issue has that kind of narrative intensity. It’s hard getting that feeling right at the outset since it’s been two and a half months since the last issue. Do yourself a favor, when the final chapter comes out, get all your issues together and have a Fables-fest and read all 12 in one sitting.

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