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Extreme Venomverse #5 (of 5)

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Like every issue of the summertime symbiote celebration before it, this one introduces another awesome array of symbiotes!

FIRST! JEFF THE LAND SHARK GETS VENOMIZED! From the awesome team behind the smash-hit IT’S JEFF! Infinity Comic, Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru!

THEN! Hope this symbiote’s got a mitt and some bubble gum because it’s getting called up to the MAJOR LEAGUES!

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    Extreme Venomverse #5 steps out with a whiplash issue this week that bounces between playful fun and gory violence with little warning… just as the Venomverse demands. We begin this week with a check-up on Kate Bishop as she plays fetch with a symbiote shark, but the issue gets gory once Kingpin shows up. It seems Carnage is as bloodthirsty as ever, and he will not rest until the Venomverse is dead.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    It’s remarkably strange how far things have come from the early 1990s. There used to be an arrow where the only real variants were on the covers. Shoot ahead a few decades, and now there are countless variations of nearly every major superhero and villain. Extreme Venomverse has been a weird exploration into this on the verge of the symbiote’s 40th anniversary this coming January. It’s been a weird journey. Some of it’s been fun. Some of it has just been strange.

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