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Extreme Venomverse #4 (of 5)

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Face front, Venomaniacs, because we’ve got even MORE never-before-seen and ALL-NEW symbiote stories to show you!

First, Deadpool scribe ALYSSA WONG and revolutionary artist KEN NIIMURA unite to introduce a symbiotic superstar inspired by anime and manga who’s about to take the Multiverse by storm! Then industry superstar PEACH MOMOKO is about to make your skin crawl, with a tale of some fearsome flora the likes of which you’ve never seen! Move over, Groot, there’s a NEW plant in the spotlight of the Marvel U, and this one’s a KILLER! And lastly! VENOM NOIR! You’ve heard of Spider-Man Noir – now meet his totemic and terrible opposite as this reality’s symbiotic hive gets explored for the very first time!

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    Extreme Venomverse #4 assembles an outstanding collection of creators to tell three distinctive short stories, all of which manage to hit their respective marks. Peach Momoko’s “Bloom of Doom” is a gorgeous, silent exploration of Venom’s corruption leaching into the earth and transforming nature into something toxic. While Momoko builds upon Venom lore to tell the story, it functions as a metaphor for environmental destruction that plays upon Venom’s violent imagery to splendid effect. “The Teeth of Beasts” sets up a “noir” version of Venom in which Eddie Brock is a Catholic priest using his alien gift to justify his often terrible actions. Although this is, by far, the most straightforward spin on an alternate Venom, the story has plenty of teeth and offers readers a nasty retelling of Brock’s origins that would lead to an intriguing crossover with Spider-Man Noir. The final installment blends the best elements of the first two in “Sparkle and Shine” as writer Alyssa Wong develops a magical girl version of Venom named Necroko who is splendidly depicted with vibrant humor by Ken Niimura. Every page turn is a delight as the story presents Necroko, a delightful fusion of lethal protector and shojo protagonist, unleashing her abilities at school. With three distinct stories and styles all playing upon the same character concept in very different fashion, Extreme Venomverse makes a case for itself to be enjoyed by comics readers of all stripes.

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