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Extreme Venomverse #3 (of 5)

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Face front, Venomaniacs! EVEN MORE vicious and violent Venoms enter the fray!

FIRST! TARAN KILLAM and ROD REIS unite to pay a visit to the Old West and introduce you readers out there in Mighty Marveldom to an all-new Madame Venom – a femme fatale who’ll leave even the roughest and toughest outlaws shaking in their boots!

THEN! Your new favorite comic book writer, Jed MacKay, and Marvel newcomer Danny Earls, unite to tell a tale as old as time – literally! Together, they’ll introduce a brand-new, prehistoric and primal vision of Venom!

AND! What? You thought we forgot VENOM SPACEKNIGHT?! WE WOULD NEVER! But if he’s your favorite Venom ever, you better keep your fingers crossed – because not every Venom is making it out of this saga alive.

PLUS! Another round of DAILY BUGLE funnies from comics legend Ty Templeton – this time with a symbiotic spin!

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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Extreme Venomverse continues to innovate and excite with new takes on Venom. Issue #3 features a good mix of action, clever ideas, and an ongoing realization that the multiverse of Venom characters need to band together.

  • 80

    Extreme Venomverse #3 presents a layered look at the multiverse and the symbiote’s place in it. From ancient days to the Wild West and beyond, we are able to see the good (and bad) that Venom brings. Of course, these travels bring more warriors to the cause as Carnage’s war against Venom heats up, so fans will want to keep a close tab on their multiverse favorites.

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